The Blessing of the Present of Prayer


Lately, I’ve been considering about the advantages of getting a Christian. There are so quite a few that I hardly know exactly where to start off. I can very easily create about the gifts of justification, sanctification, or adoption (and quite a few other individuals related to it). But in this post, I want to retain it easy. I want to concentrate on a blessing that we might at times overlook — the blessing of the present of prayer.

blessing of prayer

Is not it awesome that the God of the Bible makes it possible for his individuals to communicate with him by way of prayer?

I feel at times we take for granted this access we have to God. But if you pause and feel about the a variety of dimensions of prayer and just how effective this access to God is, it will bless your soul.

The Blessing of the Present of Prayer

When I feel about prayer getting a blessing, right here are some issues that come to thoughts:

We have 24/7 access to God.

There have been instances when I couldn’t fall asleep for the reason that I felt restless. For the duration of these instances, it is just about not possible to cast your burdens on anybody else considering that they are probably asleep. And however, even in the middle of the evening when every person else is unavailable, God is up, prepared and prepared to hear your prayer.

This is awesome. You may well have close loved ones, mates, mentors, and other such relationships exactly where individuals are beneficial to you in quite a few approaches. But they can’t constantly be there for you for the reason that they are not constantly out there. But God is incessantly accessible.

The Lord does not have to have sleep. He’s constantly awake. You can constantly go to him — at two:00 am when your screaming child can not sleep, at six:30 am when you are anxious and scared about facing the day, at noon when the day is not going how you planned. This 24/7, 365 access to God we have in prayer is definitely astounding.

We do not have to have to use physical words when we pray.

I after led a little group with a person. I told this particular person I was praying for our group at perform, to which the response I received was one thing like, “God loves cubicles prayers, also!”

It is correct: for the reason that God is omniscient (all-understanding), he can realize what you pray in your thoughts with 100% accuracy, each single time. Yes, employing words and praying out loud is vital. Soundless prayers need to not summarize the entirety of our prayer lives. But at times words are not probable, and God gets your thoughts.

We do not have to have to constantly pray extended-winded prayers.

I really like this exchange involving the King and Nehemiah.

The King asks: “What are you requesting?” (Nehemiah two:4a). And this is the tiny line I really like: “So I prayed to the God of heaven” (Nehemiah two:4b). And then Nehemiah tells the king what he desires.

The footnote from my ESV Study Bible says: “Nehemiah had prayed a terrific deal, of course (Neh. 1:four), but right here he speedily speaks to God (in all probability silently) prior to he answers the King.”

I’m not knocking extended-winded prayers. I really like praying extensively, and I locate my prayer instances with the Lord to be some of the ideal components of my day. But there is a time and location for every little thing, which signifies at times your prayers need to be extended-winded and other instances they merely will not. Occasionally, you can just say a swift prayer, move forward, and trust God with the outcomes.

I heard a story of a Christian leader who was on a panel discussing a difficult cultural subject. He was asked a really hard query and didn’t know how to respond. He knocked his pen from the table to get himself time to pray speedily and silently in his thoughts as he picked up his pen. He stated soon after he prayed and picked up his pen, he felt as if the Lord gave him a response.

Who am I to doubt him? I think these sorts of tiny prayers all through the day are effective.

Prayer modifications issues.

John Piper says: “Prayer causes issues to occur that would not occur if you did not pray.”

As it is been stated prior to, God ordains all ends (the finish outcome of every little thing that takes place), but he also ordains the signifies to each finish (the issues that he makes use of to make the ends occur), and he at times makes use of your prayers to achieve the ends.

I bring this up for the reason that it is not talked about sufficient. As well generally we treat prayer as one thing we need to do only to sustain us, to give thanks, and to ask for common issues. These issues are superior — pretty superior. But do not neglect that God is a Father and you are his kid. And as his kid, you are totally free to pray prayers with distinct specificity for issues that you want to see occur. Pray large, bold, precise, prayers.

Prayer modifications you.

Back to the preceding 1: prayer can transform issues. But at times it does not. Why? It could be for a quantity of motives. But it is generally for the reason that your prayer does not align with God’s will. But that is a superior factor for the reason that God knows much better.

And however, we ought to recognize that when prayer does not constantly transform your situations, prayer generally modifications you. The Lord meets with you when you pray. He sanctifies you. He modifications your character and gives what you have to have to get by way of your circumstance, even if he does not give you precisely what you want.

We can go to other Christians for prayer.

When we take prayer requests at church or soon after little groups or soon after that 1-on-1 coffee meeting, we are not playing games. We’re not just going by way of motions. We’re not just saying Christian stuff just to be saying it. No, we ask for prayer requests for the reason that we know our God answers prayer. It is such a privilege to belong to a group of individuals — namely, the church — exactly where we know we can have other brothers and sisters pray for us.

There are quite a few elements to prayer which are a blessing. Generally, we take it for granted. But when we reflect on the quite a few approaches in which prayer is a blessing, it will enable us appreciate this terrific present from God.

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