Saturday’s Modest Thoughts


I genuinely love Saturday mornings when I get to sit with the morning sun softly lighting up my living space, and the time to speak with the Lord in a extra relaxed atmosphere than the prior days of the week. I&#8217ve undoubtedly walked by means of periods of time when I felt dry, and in some cases when I didn&#8217t even really feel like speaking to the Lord. Thankfully they have been not extended periods of time, and the occasional instances when I don&#8217t really feel close to the Lord &#8211 when God appears silent, they lead to me to query. I query what&#8217s incorrect, or possibly in some cases I don&#8217t genuinely spend interest to the silence due to the fact I get so caught up in my every day routine.

This morning I asked God to give me a verse &#8211 anything to reside by. I sat silent for a handful of seconds, and a reference came to my thoughts &#8211 Psalm 95:six. I flipped by means of the pages till my eyes landed on it.

&#8220O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel just before the Lord our maker.&#8221

Some attributes about the Lord are so effortlessly taken for granted. His omniscience, omnipotence, and that He cares for us so deeply&#8230He genuinely doesn&#8217t care exactly where we are, whether or not our hair and makeup is accomplished, or the way we place our words with each other when we pray. At times we may possibly assume they don&#8217t make sense, and that we&#8217re not genuinely expressing ourselves the way we genuinely really feel, and they wouldn&#8217t make sense to any individual else, either. But He knows just what we are pondering. &#8220For man looketh on the outward look, but the LORD looketh on the heart&#8221 (1 Samuel 16:7b), and &#8220Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should really pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which can not be uttered&#8221 (Romans eight:26). I&#8217ve told the Lord in some cases I want I could assume of magical words to genuinely get across what I&#8217m attempting to say. That tends to make a lot of sense, appropriate? Clearly, I didn&#8217t imply it in a disrespectful way, but I really feel like I&#8217m not going to get what I&#8217m asking for if I don&#8217t phrase it appropriately. How silly!

I study additional in the psalm, and I noticed in verse 10 it says, &#8220Forty years extended was I grieved with this generation, and mentioned, &#8216It is a folks that do err in their heart, and they have not identified my strategies.&#8221 Now, in view of His eternal and infinite nature, it appears that 40 years is no span of time in the scheme of it all. But 40 years with no the fellowship of His folks grieved Him! It was adequate for Him to mention &#8211 if that doesn&#8217t show His enjoy for us&#8230He so longs for our fellowship. He desires us to pour out our hearts to Him. He doesn&#8217t care that He currently knows what our desires are, He desires us to inform Him!! Right here I see that God is not above the companionship of His creation. He developed the longing for acceptance and neighborhood, due to the fact He longs for that with us.

I regretfully obtain myself beginning out quite a few of my prayers with, &#8220God, please support me&#8230&#8221 &#8211 which in essence are fantastic petitions, but I overlook to thank Him for the good and may well factors He has currently accomplished in my life! Am I that bent toward selfishness? I don&#8217t want to be, but I assume I am quite a few instances.

Could I find out to &#8220worship and bow down&#8230&#8221 to &#8220kneel just before the Lord our maker&#8221 on a constant, every day basis. It will alter my partnership with Him AND with other individuals.


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