Response to the 2019 ETS/EPS Far West Regional Meeting


My Colleagues

This year’s joint meeting of the ETS/EPS was constructed about the theme: A Conversation on Reading the Old Testament: Hermeneutics and their Theological and Sensible Implications. The meeting was a good achievement for the faculty of Southern California Seminary. We had four of us presenting a total of five talks:

  1. Prof. Cory M. Marsh presented a paper titled, Christ and the Covenants: Recipient, Fulfillment, or Mediator?
  2. Dr. Ward Crocker presented a paper titled, two Peter two:20 Conditionally Speaking: Reconsidering the Hypothetical in this Verse
  3. Dr. Jeremiah Mutie presented a paper titled, The Which means of the Death of Christ in Valentinian Gnosticism
  4. and I (Dr. Miller) had the chance to present two papers. The initially was for the joint meeting with the Evangelical Philosophical Society and titled, Theistic Evolution and Emergent Personhood: Challenges from Moreland’s Thomistic-Like Dualism
  5. My second paper was for the ETS meeting and was titled, The Divergent Worldview Paradigm as Hermeneutical Foundation for Genesis 1

Every of us had chance to present to a superior crows of folks and engage in some meaningful discussion with some great scholars. The papers presented by Dr. Crocker and my ETS paper are now salted for publication in two unique journals.

Sessions Attended

I was also capable to attend two other sessions which presented some good investigation on understanding the Old Testament:

D. Jeffrey Mooney, was the host for this years meeting and is Professor of Old Testament Interpretation and Theology at California Baptist University. Mooney’s presentation was titled,“How is Justice ‘Social’ in the Old Testament Prophets?: The Use of Old Testament Prophetic Texts in Social Justice Writings.” This was a really superior presentation of Mooney’s present investigation which argued that contemporary social justice movements are types of “Empire Building” which are focused on shifting energy among groups to establish what is regarded as just. This sort of justice although is not the exact same sort of covenantal justice we come across in the Old Testament or, by extension, New Testament. My principal takeaway was that what Mooney calls Empire Constructing is counterproductive to the biblical method to justice due to the fact it undermines the correct sense of individuality and human dignity we come across in God’s covenant-justice.

Brian Koning presented at the second session I attended. Koning is a PhD Candidat at  Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and his paper was titled, “Deconstruction of Destruction: A Vital Evaluation of John Walton’s View of Conquest in the Book of Joshua.” Koning’s presented a strong critique of John Walton’s perform and exposed, what I feel, are some of the fatal flaws in his OT hermeneutic and his exegesis of the Hebrew words such as hërem. Most notably Koning points out the difficulty with Walton’s argument that folks outdoors of the covenant God created with Israel are not judged as sinful due to the fact they are not folks of the covenant. I would add that by extension Walton’s view develop a equivalent hermeneutical issue applying the New Testament teaching to folks now due to the fact, if Walton’s thesis holds, then there would be no basis for God to judge the sin of non-believers who are outdoors covenant partnership with Christ.

Keynote Speakers

The two keynote speakers were Daniel Block, D.Phil. who is at present the Gunther H. Knoedler Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Wheaton College and Craig Bartholomew, D.Phil. who is at present H. Evan Runner Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Religion and Theology at Redeemer University College in Ontario, Canada. What I appreciated most about Dr. Block was his method to the Old Testament (or Initially Testament as he preferred to get in touch with it) as a precious text for greater understanding the New Testament. What I appreciated most about Dr. Bartholomew was his irenic spirit and passion for the Old Testament. I possibly should really have taken greater notes, but I seriously just enjoyed sitting back and listening as each and every guys presented his concepts for working with the Old Testament as an interpretive foundation for the New.

Stuff I Missed

As an aspiring ethicist, I was seriously interested in attending the session titled, “Justice, Dignity, Equality and the Image of God – Philosophical Considerations” with R Scott Smith who is Professor of Christian Apologetics, Biola University, Sadly, his speak was in scheduled at the exact same time as one particular of my personal presentations. Luckily, I did get a copy of his paper, and Smith’s conclusion should really inspire a lot far more study of this subject:

I have argued that nominalism can not sustain core moral qualities required for social justice, which includes justice itself, human dignity, and human equality. By extension, it also appears that the image of God can not be sustained. Certainly, humans would not have any qualities. Nonetheless, considering the fact that we can not reside regularly with that conclusion, we persuade ourselves that we can construct our morals and ourselves having said that we see match.

It appears that the only viable choice for preserving justice, dignity, and equality is that these are like realists claim: they seriously exist objectively and have an crucial nature to them. In addition, each and every one particular is a one particular-in-lots of. That is, actually the exact same top quality can (and should really) be instanced in lots of folks. The exact same appears to stick to for getting an image bearer. Realism can preserve these qualities, as nicely as match with our intuition and the biblical claim that humans are intrinsically precious.

I did have a superior chance to speak to Dr. Smith who came to my EPS speak and am encouraged by the path of his scholarship.

Coming Subsequent

All round, Dr. Mooney and Cal. Baptist place on a good occasion that was nicely organized and presented a good slate of speakers. Tomorrow is the initially day of the regional meeting for the Society of Christian Philosophers in Los Vegas. I am presenting there on Saturday, but hope to do a summary of the talks and workshops for each and every day.


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