Reside Now – JIM MARTIN


It is so significant to reside ideal NOW if you want to be prepared for the subsequent chapter of life. Now is the time to take the ideal step. Currently I have been pondering about the folks who I was with this previous weekend (the males of the CrossPoint Church of Christ, Florence, Ala. the Cherokee, Ala. and the Millington churches.)

1. Do you want to have a godly marriage? Start out with a godly dating connection. A connection with sexual sin and a concentrate on the flesh is not very good preparation for the subsequent chapter of life. Start out now to have a godly dating connection exactly where God is honored each and every step of the way.

two. Do you want to raise godly kids? Start out by getting your life’s goal in spot Ahead of you have kids. If dad and mom (or you as a single parent) are every single focused on glorifying God, you will have substantially extra clarity when you commence to raise your kids.

three. Do you want to a single day serve God and make a true distinction in the planet? Possibly you dream of producing a considerable distinction in meeting a specific need to have in your neighborhood. Start out now by taking benefit of today’s chance.

four. Do you want to make a true kingdom distinction following you get out of college? Start out now although you are nevertheless in college. Appear for seemingly compact methods to serve in your congregation or at the university.

Bottom line: We make a error by focusing on someday. Currently is the day you and I have been offered. What I do with currently, how I behave currently, will shape and kind what my “someday” will appear like.


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