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Do you want a extra fulfilled life?

Yes! Everybody desires to have the greatest good quality life they possibly can! And if you are right here, possibilities are you want to aid other people have a fulfilled life also!

As a Christian, we know that begins with obtaining a partnership with Jesus Christ, and this course keeps the material Christ-centered as we discover a holistic strategy that utilizes established, proof-primarily based methods to teach your personal thoughts to be extra in line with what God initially intended for us. A peace filled, be concerned no cost, relaxed thoughts that is no cost from outdoors interference. I want to teach you that your happiness does not hinge on other people’s thoughts or opinions and that by engaging just a couple very simple methods you can no cost your self from becoming enslaved to other peoples expectations of your life. We do have no cost will provided to us by God, and I hope you chose to use yours to embrace a extra fulfilled life, no cost from the adverse thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are limiting your achievement at the moment.

I want to teach you so that you can use this very simple approach of Christian Cognitive Behavior Therapy to aid other people today aid themselves! We can alter the globe, by only altering ourselves 1st! I do think that our spirituality and our thoughts are connected in an unbreakable cord that tends to make it crucial to address the two collectively. The Bible even talks about obtaining the thoughts of Christ as a believer. That signifies obtaining a be concerned-no cost, confident in your identity, compassionate, and empathetic thoughts that is focused on carrying out the perform of God right here on earth. It is challenging to do this when adverse thoughts, beliefs and eventually behaviors are restricting you.

This course focuses on a Christ-centered process of CBT and appears at life coaching extra as a teaching ministry than a vocation. To share the Gospel message of hope, strength, appreciate, and peace by way of Jesus Christ to these who are hurting in their soul or spirit. This is the mission of Healthier Thoughts Ministry.

This is not mind over matter, or New Ageism. This is carrying out what the apostle Paul instructed us to do,

“Finally, brothers and sisters, what ever is correct, what ever is noble, what ever is proper, what ever is pure, what ever is beautiful, what ever is admirable — if something is outstanding or praiseworthy — assume about such items and the God of peace will be with you” (Philippians four:eight). 

I know that for a lot of this is simpler mentioned than completed. I want to teach you C-CBT so that you can train your thoughts to replace the adverse thoughts, beliefs, and behavior in your life with extra optimistic, Christ-centered thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

What will you study in this course? 

Lessons Inside:

  • Studying to take duty in your thoughts, beliefs &amp behaviors.
  • Bridging the gap in between who you are now and who you want to be.
  • Studying how to balance your thoughts in between the reasoning and emotional sides.
  • Studying the cognitive distortions that are drastically limiting your achievement and maintaining you from obtaining a fulfilled life.
  • How to attain correct fulfillment in the 7 crucial locations of a balanced and Christ-centered life.
  • Setting ambitions and building a fulfilling future by engaging this CBT approach in your personal life and teaching it to other people.

On Completion You Will Obtain a Certificate Of Christian Life Coaching In Christian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (C-CBT) from Healthier Thoughts Ministry.

You will acquire your certificate by way of e mail when you have effectively completed all of the course lectures and reviewed the written components. I also contain a recommended reading list to comply with up and study extra with at your personal pace and comfort. The course is only $24.99 and is an investment in your personal life’s journey as effectively as your potential to minister to the desires of other people.

If you have any queries relating to this course please really feel no cost to e mail me [email protected]

Published by Tamara Lee

I am a Licensed &amp Ordained Minister in the State of West Virginia. I have a calling a passion to finish the suffering of these that reside with really serious mental illnesses in the United States. God has named me to set the captives no cost.


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