Preaching on Easter Sunday is not about convincing folks


women at Jesus' tomb

Ladies hear news of the resurrection. Getty Pictures.

At the entrance to Jerusalem’s Church of All Nations, subsequent to the Garden of Gethsemane, there is a sign warning just about every visitor: NO EXPLANATIONS INSIDE THE CHURCH.

This was intended to discourage talkative tour guides from disturbing the church’s prayerful ambience with shouted lectures, but it has constantly struck me as extremely very good tips for preachers on Easter Sunday.

Confronted by a space complete of folks who invest most of their time in secular social methods of pondering, exactly where the dead keep dead and God—if there is one—does not intervene in the all-natural order, preachers are tempted to mount a defense of the resurrection inside what is plausible to the contemporary thoughts. In undertaking so, they tame a hazardous mystery into a manageable—and rather harmless—assumption. They also waste a worthwhile chance to bring the assembly into confrontation with the transformative presence of the living Christ.


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