Mastering and Top: An Interview With Philip Pattison


I lately had the chance to ask my pal Philip Pattison a handful of concerns about ministry and leadership. Philip is the Founder and Executive Director of Foster the Bay, a coalition of churches committed to giving a loving property for just about every kid in foster care in the San Fransisco Bay location, as nicely as wrapping about supporting these households who are. Philip and his wife are also foster and adoptive parents.


Philip serves in the bay location as nicely as coaches leaders about the nation who are launching and major bridge organizations with a comparable vision and mission. He is a deep nicely of wisdom rooted in a adore for Christ and in depth practical experience serving and shepherding men and women in a nearby church context.

I especially adore how significantly concentrate they place on collaboration amongst churches as nicely as developing out in depth help systems for households inside their neighborhood who are fostering. 

Here’s what Philip had to say…

1) What are you most excited about in your ministry suitable now? How did this certain factor come about? 

When we launched this movement 3 years ago, we decided to get in touch with it Foster the Bay. We didn’t just want to see some neat items come about in our property church, or even just in our property city of San Jose. Our vision was to see churches across all 10 counties of the San Francisco Bay Region come collectively to address the crisis in the foster care program. Following 3 years of really hard operate and a entire lot of prayer, we’re starting to see glimpses of this vision becoming a reality. Additional than 60 churches have now allied collectively behind a dream of one particular day seeing a waiting list of households rather than a waiting list of kids in will need of a property. What excites me most suitable now is seeing churches functioning collectively on a thing that is close to to the heart of God. As we continue to move this vision forward, the credit is not going to go to one particular good church or one particular charismatic leader. The watching globe is going to see Jesus functioning via His Church across the Bay Region.

two) If there had been “pillars” in your ministry – items you attempt to concentrate on the most – what would these be, and why?

There are a handful of basic mindsets that shape our efforts:

Laser Concentrate. One particular of our preferred mantras is “we decide on lasers more than flashlights.” By this we imply that we decide on to concentrate our intensity on one particular single point in order to have a higher effect. At Foster the Bay we equip churches to raise up foster households and help mates. That is it. We do not host Parent’s Evening Out. We do not deliver added TBRI trainings. We do not get and distribute donated things to foster households. It is not these items are not essential, it is just that there are other organizations that are currently undertaking that actually nicely in our location. We have been militant about staying in the one particular lane exactly where we really feel like we can add the greatest worth, and as a outcome, I think that Foster the Bay has been capable to go additional more rapidly. It is correct that when you decide on to do significantly less, you can usually achieve additional.

High-quality Matters. We honor these we serve by taking the facts seriously. No matter whether it is pastors, prospective foster households and help mates, government leaders or monetary partners, we want just about every particular person that we serve to be confident that if they decide on to take this journey with us, we’ve believed via every single step, we care about the facts, and that this operate is essential adequate that God’s men and women must do it with excellence.

Empower the Church. We know that the nearby church is the hope of the globe. Our mission to deliver a loving property for just about every kid in foster care will be achieved by equipping the nearby church to get engaged. You will in no way see a billboard for Foster the Bay driving up 101 in San Francisco. Our concentrate is on empowering the nearby church.

three) What would you say to an individual wanting to get their church additional involved in foster care and adoption? How would you encourage them?

I would encourage an individual wanting to get their church involved in foster care and adoption to take into account a handful of important items:

1 – Prayer. Commit to in search of God day-to-day and diligently for a season about what, when and how God could be major your church to do.

two – Investigation. Come across out what is currently taking place in your location. Are there other churches, organizations or people in your church that are currently engaging in meaningful operate in these regions? If so, honor the operate that is currently becoming carried out and take into account no matter whether you will need to commence a thing new to compliment the current efforts or if you can just join them.

three – Patience and Understanding. A typical story that we hear is this: An person feels a deep passion to commence a ministry in their nearby church, they bring it to their leadership, and the Pastor say “no” or “not now”. The person then walks away disappointed and disenchanted with their Pastors…“my Pastor does not care about kids in will need!” I do not know your Pastor, but I can inform you with self-confidence, this is not correct. A social worker asked me lately, “what’s the principal purpose a Pastor could so no to joining the operate of Foster the Bay?” My answer was “Because there are a thousand other actually excellent items to do. Foster care is only one particular expression of compassion that God calls His men and women into.” Your church could have yet another compassion concentrate, and that is OK. Strive for patience and understanding with your church leadership. They’re undertaking the most effective they can. If your church decides not to get involved, this does not imply that you cannot make a distinction or be a catalyst for other folks.

four) What’s one particular factor in leadership that, if you could go back and inform oneself 10-15 years ago, you would? Why?  

Make other folks good.

According to the Enneagram assessment (and my wife), I’m an “Achiever”. This can be a blessing when it comes to obtaining items carried out. But there is a backside to just about every blessing. The backside for an Achiever is that it is essential that absolutely everyone knows and appreciates what we have accomplished. I will need the credit. A significant portion of my spiritual and leadership development is mastering to let that go. My level of peace and joy is not dictated in what I generate and who knows it, but rather in the reality that I am a beloved kid of God. When I don’t forget this, I’m cost-free to make other folks good rather than vainly pursuing my personal greatness. This suggests that I get to elevate other leaders on our group. This suggests that we get to elevate the contribution of the nearby church rather than our non-profit organization. This suggests that we get to celebrate and collaborate with other like-minded groups, rather than compete with them. The most effective and most powerful leaders I know are these who lead with other folks in thoughts.

I’m grateful for seasoned leaders like Philip who invest deeply into other folks and serve the broader CAFO church network nicely. To connect with Philip, or yet another coach on the CAFO Church Coaching Group, you can make contact with us right here.


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