John Piper’s Regrets in Ministry


I like watching or reading interviews with Christian leaders. Interviews give us an chance to understand actual and raw information and facts about a person, frequently for the reason that the one particular becoming interviewed is caught off guard. Who you genuinely are is revealed when you are shocked. Often I re-watch interviews for the reason that the insights gleaned had been so useful. Such is the case with an interview I lately re-watched with John Piper and Collin Hansen.

John Piper regrets

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When the interview is a couple of years old, there’s nevertheless tons of gold right here. This is in particular accurate if you are a pastor, preacher, or ministry leader, or if you like John Piper’s ministry (as I do).

In this interview, Piper talks about issues he does not miss as a pastor, his regrets in ministry, and additional. Give it a watch.

I encourage you to watch the video. But if time fails you at the moment, right here are some speedy highlights.

Highlights from the Interview:

1. Piper, in some sense, regrets all the things he has ever accomplished — which means, he feels as if issues could have often gone much better.

two. On point quantity one particular, he quotes Charles Spurgeon: “A man is not a very good man if he does not consider that he could be much better.”

three. Piper speaks on the meetings he led, and how they frequently could have been led much better.

four. Piper goes on into issues he could have accomplished additional of, and one particular of them is individual evangelism.

five. Piper says that he does not appear back with any sense of triumphal results on something.

six. How is a preacher formed? The sorrows of the pastorate make the preacher.

7. God was completely in charge of maintaining him at Bethlehem Baptist Church as lengthy as he did and generating it as fruitful as it was.

eight. Piper believed about quitting a lot.

9. The Lord under no circumstances let these prepared-to-leave feelings come when there was an chance to move. The possibilities to move came when he didn’t want to move. And so he (God) timed it completely.

10. Piper does not miss becoming in meetings exactly where he couldn’t figure issues out. These meetings exactly where he would go property and say to his wife, “I’m no very good at this.”

I also like how Piper views the expression “No regrets.” He requires that to imply, “I’m glad I did it,” not “I do not consider I could have accomplished a much better job.”

I get pleasure from hearing Christian leaders speak about their results and how they got there (and how the Lord moved in their midst to result in the results), but I also really feel encouraged when I hear about the tough components of ministry, as this humanizes the particular person and reminds us that we all struggle in lots of techniques. I’m grateful for Piper’s honesty in this interview.

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