Jesus in a Police Lineup


"Jesus in a Police Lineup" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Jesus in a Police Lineup” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


This morning Lisa and I had been speaking about the disparity among the Church and Jesus.

I keep in mind when I was attracted to Jesus… the individual.

Then I met the Church.

It didn’t jive.

I wondered if Buddhists felt the similar way, for instance.

Did they fall in enjoy with the Buddha and then attempt to join a neighborhood only to find out that the two have quite tiny in popular?

I’ve found that, yes, even even though some communities do attempt to resemble their so-known as founder, several fail.

This is not just correct in religion. I have good friends who’ve attempted to join atheist groups only to find out that the similar infighting happens there.

I just study a fascinating book, What is True, that exposes the political and private tensions in the scientific neighborhood. When I was reading it, I kept exclaiming to Lisa, “This sounds just like the Church!”

Exactly where there are people today there are challenges.

But there’s remarkable beauty as well.

When we are and act compassionate, that is when we appear like the other wonderful lovers we admire.

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