Has the Pope been reading my Book?


In the newly released Christus Vivit I spy at least two locations exactly where the message overlaps with my new book Almost everything Hidden Shall Be Revealed: Ridding the Church of Abuses of Sex and Energy. These two sections would recommend that specific messages seem gradually to be receiving via to specific bishops, like the incumbent of Rome, about the many difficulties we group collectively as the sex abuse crisis. Look at, e.g., this:

42. For instance, a Church that is overly fearful and tied to its structures can be invariably crucial of efforts to defend the rights of females, and continuously point out the dangers and the prospective errors of these demands.  Alternatively, a living Church can react by becoming attentive to the genuine claims of these females who seek higher justice and equality.  A living Church can appear back on history and acknowledge a fair share of male authoritarianism, domination, a variety of types of enslavement, abuse and sexist violence (my emphasis).  

I talked right here about the reality that people today who fatuously desires to decrease this crisis to a single solely brought on by “the gays” have to deal with the newly emerging information on the abuse of females by clerics in the Church.

Even far more clearly the exhortation echoes what I have been saying about the undeniably intertwined crises of sex and energy each becoming abused concomitantly (my emphasis):

98. “Abuse exists in a variety of types: the abuse of energy, the abuse of conscience, sexual and monetary abuse.  Clearly, the strategies of working out authority that make all this achievable have to be eradicated, and the irresponsibility and lack of transparency with which so a lot of instances have been handled have to be challenged.  The need to dominate, lack of dialogue and transparency, types of double life, spiritual emptiness, as effectively as psychological weaknesses, are the terrain on which corruption thrives”.[53]  Clericalism is a continual temptation on the aspect of priests who see “the ministry they have received as a energy to be exercised, rather than a no cost and generous service to be supplied.  It tends to make us consider that we belong to a group that has all the answers and no longer desires to listen or has something to learn”.[54]  Doubtless, such clericalism can make consecrated persons drop respect for the sacred and inalienable worth of each and every particular person and of his or her freedom.

I address energy straight and at length in the book, like the psychology underlying each the “need to dominate” on the aspect of clerics, and the equally disturbing need to be dominated, which a single can obtain in not a couple of Catholics these days, who, like their predecessors going back to the nineteenth century, are only also satisfied to have the guys in black inform them what to do. Each are types of psychopathology, and the sooner they are rooted out the far better. 


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