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Matthew five:12 says  Be glad and rejoice, for the reason that your reward is good in heaven…”

When Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew five He primarily told his followers that the life of one particular who lives for God is characterized by an expectation of getting satisfaction in the future…not in the present.  It is the life of faith that pleases God, not the life that expects sight now (Hebrews 11:six).   Remember what Jesus mentioned to Thomas just after He appeared to him even though they had been in hiding:  “Because you have observed Meyou have believed. These who think without seeing are blessed.”  Jesus produced it clear that He desires His followers to trust in what He says and who He is primarily based on His credibility–which is great!  We take Jesus’ words to the bank primarily based on a handshake alone we do not wonder if He will stick to via.  Ironically, when one particular waits on the Lord IN FAITH they encounter His peace which transcends all understanding (Philippians four:7).  We are at peace for the reason that we actually trust in Him.  We we do not have peace we are missing the trust and are hence unsatisfied for a entirely unique reason–it is for the reason that our spirit AND our flesh are left wanting.  Conversely, if the flesh is left unsatisfied, but the spirit is fulfilled, one particular can die in peace understanding that their soul will meet God almighty and be eternally loved and taken care of.

If we do not wait IN FAITH, then we will not have peace.  That indicates we will be waiting with a spirit of complaining, of grumbling, and of whining for the reason that we are not obtaining what we believe we deserve.  We know that God commands us not to reside as whiners (Philippians two:14).  As a result, living IN FAITH indicates that we consciously recognize that we count on to be happy at a future date, a day determined by God, and the truth is that the day of our reward may possibly not be till just after our death.  In reality, we will under no circumstances be totally happy till we attain our final destination–the presence of God.

Have an understanding of that it is our humanity that will endure when we wait IN FAITH.  It is our short-term sense of justice, of harmony, of emotion, that suffers when we let space for God’s function to be completed.  God calls us to let our earthly nature die and embrace the Spirit of Jesus which has small regard for earthly comfort when God’s truth is at stake.  Recall how God the Father treated God the Son: “It was the Lord’s will to crush him and lead to him to suffer…” (Isaiah 53:10).

When we undertake like as a Christ follower we are assured to be persecuted.  Our like will generally not be received for the reason that it sheds light on the failure of individuals to like God and one particular an additional.  These who want to please God will be encouraged by our like, but these who are enemies of God will punish us for the reason that we stand for Him.  But bear in mind, the reward comes later.  Endure now and go unsatisfied now–that is living IN FAITH.  But when you demonstrate that form of faith, the Spirit of God will minister to you and remind you that you are in God’s will, which will make just about every suffering worthwhile as it occurs. Soon after the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus assured us of this reality.

Matthew five:11-12 “You are blessed when they insult and persecute you and falsely say just about every type of evil against you for the reason that of Me. Be glad and rejoice, for the reason that your reward is good in heaven. For that is how they persecuted the prophets who had been ahead of you.”



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