Faith and Theology: Dicey doodlings


 You assume you know a person, but of course you do not know them also. What may well you not know about Jesus of Nazareth?

It is not the present- and talent-sets – the intelligence and imagination, the variety of reading, the elegance and wit – that separate the excellent theologian from the excellent a single. The distinction lies not in the brilliance but the defects. It requires a magnificent flaw to make a excellent theologian.

Ask me who I am and I will inform you my story. The genre, of course, is fiction.

Am I my personal most effective interpreter? What a dumb and diabolical notion. Only God can definitely interpret me, which he will do definitively on Judgement Day – deploying, I am confident, post-kritical theory.

What was the takeaway message for the excellent and the excellent just after listening to that sermon at the royal wedding? The gospel according to John and Paul: “All you want is really like (all with each other now) / All you want is really like (everyone) / All you want is really like, really like / Appreciate is all you need”. An uncomfortable reminder that what a preacher says and what a congregation hears might be two incredibly distinct issues.

A newspaper headline I very like: “Kim’s a Seoul Man”.

BBC Breaking News (Might 22nd): “Brief [Michael Cohen?] to moon Trump on handling Kim”. Oops, sorry: that should really be “Moon to Short Trump on handling Kim”.

Trump’s annotation of Titus three:two in his bedside Bible: “Against every little thing our nation stands for. Most more than-rated apostle in history. A total loser. Incredibly sad.”

May Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize? Why not? Even though ISIS will present some stiff competitors. North Korea, Iran, Israel/Palestine: far better the Orwell Peace Prize.

Data is energy. Alas, so also is misinformation.

God and I have an admirable arrangement: I want a person to really like me and God desires a person to really like. We’re the best odd couple.

Jesus mentioned, “Blessed are the poor.” “Absolutely,” agreed the 1st 4 disciples: “you can’t worship each Cod and Mammon.”

Following the trajectory, anticipate praise music to trend as liturgical karaoke.

Revenge is a dish most effective served with either apomorphine or xylazine.

What’s the distinction in between parental abuse and neglect? The distinction, respectively, in between understanding and not understanding no matter if your youngsters are spending most of their free of charge time on-line.

AI might be the future but one more AI is currently an daily reality. I imply Artificial Imbecility: you see it in men and women whose iPhone is a prosthesis.

Every thing passes practically nothing lasts. But there are some moments – you know these moments, all but forgotten but all of a sudden adventitiously triggered – that are with you all your life. Unless you cease and take a image of them with your goddamn iPhone.

Why do I create – doodlings, propositions, sermons, hymns, what ever? Answer: authorial itch. Of course scratching only tends to make the pruritus worse, and can lead to all sorts of existential and spiritual lesions.

Waiters – even if the service is terrible, generally be sort to them. Not for the reason that of WWJD, but for the reason that you do not want your entrée heavily seasoned with gob.

That life can unravel so swiftly, uncontrollably, and irreparably – that is the tragic. And faith? Faith does not alleviate, on the contrary, it intensifies tragic affliction. More than the abyss, faith hangs by the thread of hope alone.

The Christian is certainly simul iustus et peccator. He is also simul laetus et miser.

I might or might not be a “real Christian”, but a Christian who tells me I’m not is certainly not.

Who, in Adam, is extra most likely to recognize me far better than any individual else? My mother or father, sister or brother, spouse, companion, pal – or probably my enemy? No, a person who does not know me: a excellent novelist.

The most effective that I can say about me is that I am a placeholder for what I will develop into.

What is the basis of each Christian ethics and vocation? “What can I do for you?” (Bob Dylan).


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