Dr. Martin Luther King and “altering the edifice”


I have been pondering and writing a lot lately about the methods in which the Christian community’s culture requirements to modify in order to far better like our neighbors, in unique these with disabilities. In that procedure, I ran across this incredible quote from Dr. Martin Luther King. He mentioned,

“On the 1 hand we are known as to play the excellent Samaritan on life’s roadside but that will be only an initial act. One particular day we should come to see that the entire Jericho road should be transformed so that males and females will not be regularly beaten and robbed as they make their journey on life’s highway. Correct compassion is additional than flinging a coin to a beggar it is not haphazard and superficial. It comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars requirements restructuring.” (“A time to break the silence,” 1967)

I feel this is especially relevant in the context of creating an inclusive church culture. Men and women can be fooled into pondering that the answer to ministry to persons with disabilities is some kind of segregated ministry no matter whether it is at the church or in a various location. This is the “haphazard and superficial” method to disability ministry. We have meetings on days when couple of persons are at church. We have segregated applications for every single age group. These make us really feel like we are carrying out anything but in reality we are not carrying out what is necessary.

As Dr. King instructed us, we have to have to modify the edifice that causes us to settle for flinging a coin to a beggar. But altering environments, such that the alterations that are needed are implemented, is exceedingly challenging. This is the really hard operate of disability ministry. We reflect on how we do items, our traditions, and so on. and then seek to modify any edifices that bring about us to be straight jacketed into “options” which could essentially exacerbate issues for these we are claiming to help.

Flinging the coin to the beggar will not retain him from living in poverty. Segregated ministries will not bring about the church to turn into what it requirements to be if it desires to really like its neighbor.



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