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If you are a parent I know you have mentioned this to your offspring on additional than one particular occasion. You are attempting to comb their hair or fasten a button or support pull a shirt more than their head or a myriad of other situations and they basically will not cease squirming. In exasperation you ultimately say, “can you please just stand nonetheless for a second?” And even if you are not a parent, I am quite confident I would not be overstepping if I had been to comment that all of us heard this at least after when we had been youngsters!

Effectively God says quite substantially that identical point in II Chronicles 20:17. “You do not have to fight this battle. Position yourselves, stand nonetheless, and see the salvation of the Lord. He is with you…Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the Lord will be with you.” 

I adore this passage since it is so incredibly applicable to the wars of life we are often named upon to wage. Of course the context right here was that the Lord was instructing Israel in regard to their behavior as nicely as attitudes for an actual physical battle whilst at the identical time promising them if they would comply with His guidance they would see how He would provide and save them. 

But this speaks amazingly to us nowadays as we fight defeat of our faith, hopelessness, and worry in a selection of battles. It can be spiritual or emotional. Or a struggle of lack such as finances or overall health. It may well be connection problems. Or possibly a scenario exactly where we just desperately want to see a transform.  Oh dear buddy in all of these God says to us, “dear kid hear Me—feel My presence—stop struggling. I have got this. Stand nonetheless for a moment and see My salvation.”

And do not miss the significance of the words, “position yourselves”. This indicates taking a stance from which we can’t be deterred—a stance of perseverance—of determination to be quiet just before the Lord and absorb His guarantee of operating it all out.

I have turned to this verse lots of instances for admonition as nicely as encouragement. Admonition in telling me to position myself in God’s presence and to stand nonetheless so I can see Him at work—so I can see His salvation. Encouragement in that He promises to be with me so I do not want to be fearful or, even if this battle has been fought more than a extended exhausting period of time, I want not be discouraged. I can be assured that the nightmare will dissolve into daybreak. He will give me the strength to go out tomorrow and face what ever my challenges may well be and to win a victory. 

In closing I leave you with this incredibly familiar verse discovered in Psalm 46:10. “Be nonetheless and know (recognize, recognize) that I am God.” (Amplified)

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