At the Finish of the Day


Very good Evening Papa, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit. I like the finish of the day. It is a time to wind down and feel about relaxing and restoring by resting. Yes, resting in You thruout the nite, You speak to me. I thrill at Your voice speaking, instructing, sharing, delighting me with Your thoughts. My thoughts are so shallow it appears to me, Papa. But You delight in communicating with me in the evening seasons. I wonder, Papa, do You smile at some of my silly thoughts? Do they make You laugh? I would delight to hear You laugh a lot more, PapaGod.

Back to finish of day topic. The rush of morning is gone with its list of &#8220to dos&#8221. The nite and quiet are settling in. time to unwind and let my thoughts wonder a bit. I wonder, Papa will we have time to daydream in heaven? Will there be no nite or day? But will there be nite and day on the new earth? Its all thoughts boggling and thrilling Lord&#8211the issues You have ahead for us, for me. What will we be undertaking collectively? Will we go on heaven&#8217s non-time, or the new earth&#8217s time?

I wonder, will we be assisting each and every other plant gardens of meals and flowers to share in the vast neighborhood of heaven and earth?

Will there be an &#8220finish of day&#8221 in these days&#8211exactly where we wind down from activities and be nonetheless to commit time recognizing You?

It&#8217s very good PapaGod, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit just to have some cherished moments at the finish of these earthly days, pondering on You and our life to come collectively!

I Like You Papa, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit yes, at the finish of the day.

Isaiah 30:15 For therefore stated the Lord GOD, the Holy One particular of Israel, “In returning and rest you shall be saved in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” But you had been unwilling,


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