American Jesus Madness 2018 – four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Final results


I know I mentioned this the final round, but I continue to be shocked by the upsets this year.

(Which I guess is what tends to make them upsets, but nevertheless)

Each Thoughts &amp Prayers and Evangelical Lady Bloggers had been destroying the competition….and then the apocalypse arrived in far more techniques than 1.

Thoughts &amp Prayers lastly revealed their empty guarantee and although Evangelical Lady Bloggers turned what began out as a blowout into a race to the finish, it was in the end as well tiny as well late.

Which indicates the 2018 American Jesus Madness championship match is set!

And I suppose #ChurchToo vs. Donald Trump Mulligans is a fitting final match offered all that is occurred more than the previous year.

As for who will win?

I honestly have no clue.

The answer is totally up to you.

So, verify out the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse final results and bracket leaders under, then come back and see me at 9AM CDT to get started voting for the final time.


Thoughts &amp Prayers – 40%          #ChurchToo – 60%

Evangelical Lady Bloggers – 48%          Donald Trump Mulligans – 52%



1. Richard McNeeley – 128 points

two. Deacon Godsey – 60 points

two. Matt Gorkos – 60 points

three. Serena Severance – 54 points

four. Jesse Burke – 51 points

five. Stacy Demory – 43 points



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