A Robust Statement on Sexuality from the President of Covenant Theological Seminary


I was genuinely grateful to study a powerful and clear statement about human sexuality from the President of Covenant Theological Seminary. You can watch the complete statement above. A transcript of the initial 4 minutes of the statement is under.

“Hi, I’m Mark Dalbey, President of Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. I’m right here now to respond to a quantity of queries and issues that we have received about our commitment to biblical sexual ethics in light of a conference that was held in St. Louis final summer time referred to as Revoice. Here’s what we think about biblical sexuality.

Marriage is to be in between a single man and a single lady. Sexual intimacy is only to be expressed in such a marriage. Homosexual want is a outcome of the fall. It is a sinful want that is to be mortified and resisted and in no way dignified. Homosexual lust, homosexual intimate behavior is sin and condemned by God.

As to the Revoice conference, Covenant Seminary does not endorse, market, or have a part in the Revoice conference. We do not agree with all of the views that have been shared or taught at the Revoice conference. Dr Sklar, Old Testament professor and Vice President of Academics, who has two commentaries on the book of Leviticus, was asked to speak and did speak on Leviticus 18 and 20 and the continuing relevance in God’s moral law of forbidding homosexual lust and behavior. Covenant Seminary does not advocate for queer theology, Covenant Seminary does not teach that a particular person must determine as a gay Christian, and Covenant Seminary will not have any of our faculty speaking at the 2019 Revoice conference.

A lot of what is getting stated about Covenant Seminary is [a] sinful, slanderous, violation of the ninth commandment which teaches in the Bigger Catechism that we must market and preserve the great name of our neighbor and ourselves when vital. Sadly, it is vital for Covenant Seminary to do this provided that we have been below these slanderous attacks.

Right here is what we teach our students about how to relate to homosexual folks who are unbelievers. We teach them that they are to hold uncompromisingly to the biblical sexual ethics. We also teach them that they are to really like unbelievers as these produced in the image of God, that they are to recognize that we are fellow sinners ourselves as we seek to communicate the great news of the saving and transforming energy of the gospel to folks involved in a gay life-style. Christians are to construct relationships with unbelievers of all sorts, such as these who are homosexuals, and we are to reside out the gospel get in touch with to not only really like God but to really like our neighbor as ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Our churches must be advertising this. We teach our students to really like folks properly and to communicate the unchanging truth of God’s word in winsome approaches that the Holy Spirit may possibly modify hearts and bring folks to Christ.

We also teach our students as they minister to fellow believers who have all sorts of struggles such as struggle with exact same-sex attraction and temptations that we are to really like them and pastorally care for them. We are to disciple them by working with the ordinary indicates of grace that they may possibly develop in Christlikeness and have strength to resist ongoing temptation. We also teach our students that they are all to uncover their core identity in Christ and not with what ever unique sinful struggle they might have. Our churches must welcome fellow believers who have ongoing temptation and struggle with exact same-sex attraction to be complete members of the physique of Christ that will be in a position to physical exercise their gifts and that also would advantage from the ministry of other people in the church.”


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