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Now marks five years given that the passing of my father. My family members and I gathered at his graveside this afternoon to leave some&nbsp flowers and to reflect for a handful of minutes on our time with him. Our family members has continued to adjust and develop and I am thankful for each and every of these new faces but for a handful of brief moments right now we had the original five back with each other,&nbsp mom, dad and the 3 boys. I voiced a prayer and thanked God for the time He granted us to commit with such a man. I prayed that his legacy would continue to reside on via each and every of us and I prayed for strength and courage to continue on with out him by our sides. I am thankful for my father’s life and I uncover myself becoming far more thankful for how he lives on in these who knew him. As I have each January 6th given that his passing, I will share the words that I shared at his funeral in hopes that you as well would choose up his legacy and run with it. Be encouraged and maintain moving forward.&nbsp

“As I reflected on the words that I would say in this moment, my thoughts was filled with the memories of a father who left me no shortage of stories to inform and examples to recall and to pattern my life following. I suppose I could inform some of these stories to you this afternoon and you would stroll away with a far better image of who my dad was, but eventually, the ideal way to recognize who a person truly is, is to observe the effect that he or she produced on the lives of these about them and my dad impacted the persons about him.&nbsp

My dad was a massive believer in discipline. Expanding up in my residence there have been no timeouts or counting to 3 or concerns like, &ldquoWas that a sensible decision?&rdquo. You knew immediately when you did one thing incorrect simply because you got whipped. And if the offense occurred when dad was at function mom just stated the words, &ldquoYou just wait till your father gets dwelling&rdquo. The day ahead of dad passed away I saw a single of these tiny cartoon blurbs on Facebook that stated, &ldquoMy parents spanked me as a youngster and I now endure from a psychological situation recognized as &lsquoRespect for Other folks&rdquo. That summed up my dad&rsquos philosophy on parenting. But respect for other people wasn&rsquot just one thing that he told us about, it was one thing he modeled for us. Dad treated every person with respect and enjoy.&nbsp

While my dad was a man of handful of words he modeled for his sons what a husband and a father looked like. He modeled for me a life of servanthood as he pampered and catered to my mom. He demonstrated what it meant to be a patient husband. Mom seldom did the dishes, she under no circumstances shoveled or scraped snow from the sidewalks or car or truck windshields. He generally volunteered to clean the bathroom, take out the trash, sweep the carpet, dust the furnishings, and so forth. My dad took care of my mom in each way doable. It&rsquos that instance that my wife will attest that I&rsquom nevertheless operating on but I think that if I could treat my wife with even a fraction of the respect and enjoy that my dad treated my mom with, I would be an incredible husband. &nbsp
My dad modeled for me how to be a father. The focus that he paid to us as his sons, the numerous college projects that he helped us squeeze out at the final minute, the time he spent displaying us how to repair all the things from A to Z. He modeled what it meant to not only spend focus to his little ones but truly concentrate on them and to pass along his information to us.&nbsp
The way that my dad treated his mother-in-law, my grandmother, was a single of intense patience. He demonstrated not only patience, but enjoy and respect and dignity to the mother of his wife. More than the final week given that dad&rsquos passing, grandma has stated on far more than a single occasion, &ldquoI loved him, he loved me and we loved each and every other.&rdquo That definitely summed up their partnership.&nbsp

  • My dad left a legacy.&nbsp
  • He left a legacy of faith.&nbsp
  • He left a legacy of family members.
  • He left a legacy of discipline.&nbsp
  • He left a legacy of really hard function.&nbsp
  • He left a legacy of faithfulness.

I want you to recognize this afternoon that my father&rsquos legacy will reside on, it will reside on in my life and in the lives of my brothers and our sons and daughters. But you also have an chance to carry on his legacy simply because eventually my dad was patterning his life following the particular person and teachings of Jesus Christ.&nbsp
His enjoy and patience and faithfulness that have been highlighted right here right now are straight out of God&rsquos Word, Paul says in Galatians,&ldquoBut the fruit of the Spirit is enjoy, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-handle against such items there is no law.&rdquo That is my father&rsquos legacy.&nbsp
For the duration of the final handful of moments of my dad&rsquos earthly life as mom, my brothers and I and are wives have been gathered about his bedside he modeled a single final act of faithfulness for us. He demonstrated for us how we&rsquore to finish the race. He had been motionless for an hour or so and just moments ahead of he took his final breath he just raised his left hand straight into the air towards Heaven, lowered it back down and then fell asleep.&nbsp

Church I think with all my heart that at that moment he was starting to see the face of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It was at that moment that he heard the words, &ldquoWell performed, my excellent and faithful servant.&rdquo&nbsp


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