11 Queries for Christian Guys from Mark Batterson’s ‘Play the Man’


Becoming a Man: 11 Queries for Christian Guys from Mark Batterson’s ‘Play the Man’

“I imply to make myself a man, and if I succeed in that, I shall succeed in every little thing else.” – James A. Garfield

How do you grow to be a man?

More than the weekend I study Play the Man by Mark Batterson. It is quite effortless to study and explores what a man of God appears like and supplies guidance for fathers as they assist their sons grow to be males.

Batterson helpfully shares how he sought to lead his sons in a  ‘Year of Discipleship’ with physical, spiritual and mental challenges. The year culminated in a rite of passage and as a father of two young sons, this book and these practices left me with a lot to believe about. 

All through the book Batterson raises some terrific queries for self-reflection. They make additional sense in the context of the book, but are nevertheless useful on their personal:

  1. Is my version of Christianity worth dying for?
  2. What are my sin triggers? 
  3. Who am I prepared to offend? 
  4. Who do I require to goad and who have I licensed to goad me?
  5. How can I be additional childlike? 
  6. How can I be much less childish?
  7. What will my children keep in mind from their childhood?
  8. What boundaries do I require to place in spot to defend myself, my marriage and my family members?
  9. What choices against myself do I require to make?
  10. What am I tolerating?
  11. Who are my pacemakers and who am I pacing? 

I also appreciated this reminder:

“You’ll by no means be a great parent but you can be a praying parent.” – Mark Batterson


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