You In no way Quit Becoming a Parent – JIM MARTIN


Right now is a particular birthday.  Right now is Christine’s birthday.  A month ago, we celebrated Jamie’s birthday, which was also a really particular birthday.  These two girls are our daughters.  They are now in their thirties.  They are mothers to our grandchildren.  Jamie is married to our amazing son-in-law, Cal.

I try to remember so properly, the evening that Charlotte went into labor.  We hurried to the hospital, excited and scared.  We had prayed for Christine’s birth.  She was our initial kid.  Some years later, we would have yet another daughter.  We wanted, additional than something, to invest in our young children so that they would develop up loving God, placing their faith in him, and living a life of obedience to him.  We didn’t very know how to do this but this concentrate was exactly where we would place our power, time, and prayer for decades.  Now, lots of years later, we invest in our grandchildren as properly.

In lots of techniques, I am nevertheless finding out about how to be a parent (now to adult girls!).  But, I am particularly finding out additional about God.  As I wrote in a post lately, “Being a dad or mom will enable you comprehend how God will have to really feel at instances.  As a parent you may perhaps expertise excellent joy, excellent satisfaction, excellent disappointment, and even excellent discomfort by means of your young children. This may perhaps be just a taste of what God experiences in us (you and me), his young children.”

So these days, I assume about how significantly I enjoy our daughters.  I also assume about how significantly I have discovered about getting a parent.  Additional importantly, I have discovered so significantly about God and what it implies to be his kid.

You by no means quit getting a parent.  Our enjoy and affection for our young children continues to this day.   God by no means stops getting our father.  “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is excellent.  His enjoy endures forever” (Psalm 136:1).





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