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The English word bank is endless. There are a bazillion terms at our disposal that we can use as we want, and new terms are becoming added to our lexicon each day. Lengthy terms, shorter terms . . . oddly spelled terms . . . and then, there are terms with a number of meanings.

According to the 1989 Guinness Book of Globe Records, the term “set” has 430 meanings! In 2011, the New York Occasions published an write-up stating that a properly-recognized lexicographer of the Oxford English Dictionary, studied the word “run” and calculated that it has roughly 645 meanings!

These are only two of many, 3-letter words that have hundreds of meanings. Every single which means is derived for a distinct goal and plays an critical function in our language. Visualize life without having the word “run.” How would we describe the act of operating? We would no longer be capable to use phrases like, “ran to the retailer,” or “running a fever.” Amongst other people, these two examples prove the frequent look and value of the term “run” in our vocabulary.

This dovetails extremely interestingly with one particular other 3-letter word that has an even higher worth and value than these two previously described terms.

As cheesy as it sounds, it is correct. YOU.

God made you in His image (Genesis 1:27), and your worth and value derives from this truth.

YOU have a thoughts like Christ. (1 Corinthians two:16)

YOU are the salt of the earth. (Matthew five:13)

YOU are God’s co-worker. (1 Corinthians three:9)

YOU are Christ’s buddy. (John 15:15)

YOUR requirements are met by God. (Philippians four:19)

YOU are the light of the planet. (Matthew five:14)

YOU are God’s workmanship. (Ephesians two:10)

YOU can be assured that all points are operating collectively for your fantastic. (Romans eight:28)

YOU can do all points by means of Christ who provides you strength. (Philippians four:13)

The list goes on and on . . .

Our skills may well appear restricted, but with Him we have good energy! What seems modest (you) is really supernaturally grand (you + God)! From time to time we uncover ourselves withholding our complete possible due to the fact we believe it is unattainable. And, to be sincere, in our personal energy it is! But, we serve a God who made us for a goal. Perhaps not 645 purposes . . . but for a specific, distinctive one particular due to the fact we all have good worth in His eyes!

You may well be in a spot in life exactly where you are attempting to find out what your goal is, and sister, as you continue to stroll your day-to-day path, we are praying that the Lord will reveal that to you! For these of you that have found your calling, continue moving forward. We’re so excited to see what is in retailer!

No matter the season of life you are in . . . you have Wonderful Worth and you serve a goal!






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