Why We Get Overwhelmed


It sounds like the starting of a painfully clear query, but I want to ask it anyway: Why do you get overwhelmed? I’ve been considering extra about this as my responsibilities have grown more than the previous year. It is encouraging to know that an overwhelming season of life is anything we all practical experience, but I’ve been processing specifically why we really feel overwhelmed when life gets crazy, and what we can do about it. Beneath are some of my thoughts.


1. We get overwhelmed mainly because we reside in a fallen planet.

Points are not the way they’re supposed to be. Sin impacts all the things from your mood to your attitude to your job to your desires. Getting overwhelmed is a regular aspect of living in an abnormal planet. We get overwhelmed mainly because we are sinners, and we reside in a sinful planet.

two. We get overwhelmed mainly because we are people today-pleasers.

We do not know how to say “No.” We take on extra than we can bear. We do not want to disappoint people today. What other people assume is so vital that the believed of deferring from their request appears not possible. Worry of man is a snare, Scripture says (Proverbs 29:25), and it is challenging to not get trapped.

three. We get overwhelmed mainly because we are unaware of our personal capacities.

A person else’s capacity is not your capacity. We have a tendency to view that mommy or pastor or blogger or author or businessman or whomever and assume, “They can manage so significantly in life. So I can also.” Possibly you can. Or Possibly you cannot. Do not evaluate oneself to other people. Know your capacity. Develop in self-awareness and figure out how significantly you can manage, and do not really feel terrible if your capacity is not as higher as that other individual.

four. We get overwhelmed mainly because we are perfectionists.

I’ve been considering extra about the challenge of perfectionism in the Christian life. It is excellent to seek excellence, competence, and to be diligent in all you do. But — and going back to point quantity a single — mainly because we reside in a fallen planet, we take this also far. We’re not content material with a three.three. GPA we ought to get a four. GPA. We’re not content material with a excellent sermon that feeds the sheep we want to hit a house run every single time we preach. And on and on we can go.

Back when I was in college I was taught to say “I’m a perfectionist” if ever asked “What’s your greatest weakness?” in an interview. Seeking back on it, that is likely not a excellent answer. But it is technically right. Perfectionism is just that: a weakness. And it is exhausting, usually top to heartache and burnout.

So significantly of our overwhelming feelings in life come from forgetting that the outcomes of what we do are largely out of our hands. Your job is work God’s job is outcomes. Do not error the two. You do your job and let God do his.

We are known as to be competent, but not perfectionists. Pray. Perform difficult. Do your ideal. And move on, trusting God with the outcomes.

five. We get overwhelmed mainly because we are unorganized.

It is astounding how just getting a tiny extra organized can relieve a lot of anxiety. Right here, I would propose reading a book or two on Christian productivity. If you want a fast, actionable book on the topic, see Tim Challies’ Do Additional Much better. If you want a five,000-foot view of productivity and how the gospel alterations what you do, see Matt Perman’s, What’s Most effective Subsequent. Either way, I’m convinced that you and I would be much less overwhelmed if we had been extra organized.

six. We get overwhelmed mainly because we reside in the future.

It is so difficult to reside in the present when you have a lot going on. Even extra, it is quick to get overwhelmed when you know you have a possible anxiousness-inducing point (e.g., a test, a job interview, and so on.) coming up quickly. This is difficult, and I’m by no implies an specialist. I’m convinced that this is not anything that gets improved overnight, but rather, is the item of increasing by way of practical experience, and by increasing in your individual emotional intelligence. To assist you deal with your daunting future, Scripture suggests that you rejoice in the Lord (Phil. four:four-six), cast your anxieties on the Lord (1 Peter five:7), and trust him with your future (Matt. six:25).

Overwhelmed? Join the celebration. You are just like the rest of us. Even though getting overwhelmed must not characterize every single season of your life, sometimes you will really feel this way, and perhaps this post will assist when such seasons arise.

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