Why Have Children If They May Finish Up in Hell?


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This week I opened Twitter to see this Washington Post headline: “Deciding regardless of whether to have children has never ever been far more complicated. Enter parenthood-indecision therapists.” Now, I’m not positive the query is far more complicated than it was one particular hundred years ago, when infant mortality was at 24 % in this nation. Nonetheless, obtaining young children is usually a life-altering choice, for positive, and it comes with some definitely complicated implications, specially when you issue in this profound reality: just about every kid we bring into this globe is an eternal getting, an individual who will reside forever. This reality leads to inquiries like this one particular from Claire.

“Pastor John, some thing I have not too long ago been wrestling with as a mom of two tiny young children is, Why do we as believers continue to have young children when we know that verses like Romans 9:18 are accurate? It sounds like the natalism/anti-natalism debate a tiny, but it is definitely driven by the doctrine of election. Realizing that our young children could be the ones God chooses to harden, is it worth the danger of obtaining young children at all?”

Yes, it is worth the danger, and I’ll give you 4 observations — I hope they’re biblical — to assistance my answer.

Be Fruitful and Multiply

1st, obedience is usually worth the danger. Now, why do I place it that way? Due to the fact when God stated to Adam in the starting, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” (Genesis 1:28), he knew specifically exactly where the globe was going.

“God requires every little thing into account when he offers his counsel.”

He knew all the horrors of history. He knew what the fall would imply for perishing and suffering, misery, relational horror, and catastrophe. Absolutely nothing took God off guard. He knew all that when he stated, “Fill up the earth.” It is not like he was speaking to unfallen man and, as quickly as man fell, he stated, “Whoops, whoops — I gave them terrible suggestions.” God never ever offers terrible suggestions since he knows every little thing that is coming. He requires every little thing into account when he offers his counsel. He knew every little thing that was coming, and but he stated, “Fill this earth with human beings.” These are the offspring that are going to knowledge either destruction or redemption.

In other words, it is not we who have found the doctrine of election and wonder regardless of whether it suggests we should really have young children. God designed the doctrine of election and commanded us to have young children. That is why I say it is worth the danger, since obedience is usually worth the danger. God knew the twenty-very first century was coming. He knew just about every century and every little thing it would bring. And he never ever rescinded the command to fill up the earth.

Sensible and Fantastic

Second, when we believe about the truth that persons are lost and persons are saved, we will have to usually recall that God is infinitely smart and fantastic. He has purposes for this truth. He has a goal in obtaining some that are lost and some that are protected. He has purposes, and they are smart. They are fantastic.

He knows what he’s undertaking. He has fantastic causes for why one particular individual is shown mercy and one more is passed more than in their rebellion and unbelief. We will have to be extremely, extremely cautious lest we believe in a way that implies that God’s approaches are foolish or unwise or cruel.

Higher and Holy Calling

Third, it is a higher and holy calling not just for a lady to physically give birth to a kid, but even far more for parents to agonize in spiritual labor pains till Christ is formed in their young children. Paul stated this in Galatians four:19 to the immature Christians that he loved, and he was not totally specific they have been saved. He stated, “My tiny young children, for whom I am once more in the anguish of childbirth till Christ is formed in you!”

“We will have to be extremely cautious lest we believe in a way that implies that God’s approaches are foolish or unwise or cruel.”

We do not pick out to be parents since parenting is straightforward or since the outcome is positive. It is not straightforward, and it is not positive. We come to be parents since it is a higher, holy, divine calling. All the dangers and all the sorrows that it brings are portion of a higher and holy and valuable and honorable calling and goal of God.

For the Sake of the Elect

Fourth, believe with me for a moment about the truth that the Lord has delayed the second coming now for two thousand years. He didn’t make a decision to do that year by year. We know from the Gospels that the day was set in the thoughts of the Father from the starting. Now what does that imply for the query that Claire is asking about the wisdom of obtaining young children?

In two Peter, we see that some persons had expressed skepticism that the Lord would ever return since it is been so lengthy (in their viewpoint). Peter answers like this:

But do not overlook this one particular truth, beloved, that with the Lord one particular day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one particular day. The Lord is not slow to fulfill his guarantee as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should really perish, but that all should really attain repentance. (two Peter three:8–9)

In other words, God delays the coming of Christ so that all of the elect will repent and be saved and have the knowledge of eternal joy in the presence of God. God produced that option. He produced the option to appoint the day far out. He produced that option realizing that thousands, certainly millions, of other individuals will be born for the duration of that delay of Christ who will not think but will perish.

“We do not pick out to be parents since parenting is straightforward or since the outcome is positive.”

Here’s the implication for the query we’re dealing with. We should really worth the eternal joy and praise and glory to God that just about every redeemed kid offers to God. We should really worth that joy and that praise far more than we worry the misery if some are lost. Due to the fact God does that. There’s no other way to comprehend this delay. God has planned history and the timing of the second coming the way he has since of the enormous priority he puts upon the repentance and the salvation and the eternal joy of his elect who will be born and brought into the kingdom. He does not let the truth that lots of will come to be rebellious and reject his adore compel him to withhold from his elect their eternal joy.

Now, I believe we should really share God’s mindset when we believe about our young children. We will pray, perform, agonize, weep, and perhaps even die so that Christ would be formed in them. But we will not let the doable misery of some avoid us from pursuing and hoping for the eternal joy of all.


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