Who’s Interested in Apologetics and Why? New Study Reveals New Answers


Why are some Christians additional interested in apologetics than other individuals? Do you consider you know the causes? In all probability. But only partly.

The Spiritual Readiness Project has just released a study report this morning on What Motivates Interest In Apologetics?

Study it on the internet or download the printable version.

Prepare to nod your head in agreement with some of the findings, and to be shocked at other — specially the two large aspects we identified that do not appear to motivate lots of people’s interest in apologetics.

Why this study?

Christians functioning in apologetics have been asking for years, “How can we get churches additional interested in apologetics?” We’ve employed a naive, intuitive, seat-of-the-pants strategy to figuring that out. F could name some shining exceptions, specially operate led by Sean McDowell, Greg Koukl, and Brett Kunkle, plus Summit Ministries and Influence360. They’ve identified effective approaches to instill interest in young folks for the initially time. The rest of us? For the most aspect our greatest answer has been, “Give them the sources and they will come.”

For some folks, that is precisely the answer they have to have. So it is a fantastic 1 and however for all the sources we’ve created, we’re nonetheless not seeing churches rise up and grab hold the way we think they need to.

Enter the Spiritual Readiness Project, a multi-year study and instruction initiative, taking a critical challenge-solving strategy to the query of apologetics in the church. We’re a group of 4 folks seriously interested in apologetics, and also educated in social sciences, searching for to comprehend the motivational basis of the query. We’re beginning with study, and we’ll be ending with at least 1 book, plus conferences and internet-primarily based instruction and sources.

I’ll be incredibly interested in your comments on what we’ve identified. (Trolls will be thrown back beneath their bridge.)


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