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So I’m up at this cabin in the woods, undertaking some songwriting &amp ministry dream-scaping &amp as I’m going by means of my inventive &amp brainstorming processes I was reminded of a conversation I lately had about what it is we do . . . truly.

Worship leaders lead worship” you say. Confident, that tends to make sense to me. We do music. Our excellence on stage and our progress from year to year as a ministry group is vital. But in some cases I wonder if we’ve believed by means of what we’re Actually undertaking, or if we’re accepting how points have been historically in the church.

There is a worship movement that any of us can opt for to be a component of. And I would propose we’re not mostly singers of songs, or band leaders, or musicians. We’re not just setlist builders, gear nerds, freedom fighters, tone chasers, supernatural thermostats, atmosphere makers, or artistically inventive. All of us have varying degrees of giftings in these places. But their not our Main function.

Worship leaders are in the company of transformation.

We’re specialists in life transformation. I do not imply behavior modification, but a genuine new heart and new creation, culture shifting, rebirth transformation professionals. When we get previous the fundamentals in our leadership improvement (keys, songs, set organizing, education, and so on.), and start off to mature in our recognition of what it is we’re really undertaking, it can shape how we appear at all the points it ‘appears’ that we do week immediately after week.

I’ll give you an instance, one particular point we say about the Grace Music loved ones is, “Your credibility onstage is straight impacted by your visibility and availability offstage.” We’ve discovered that the individuals we’re major when we’re on stage will stick to us anyplace, and respond with passionate intensity when we currently have a partnership with them, and they have access to us offstage all through the week. When they know our heart for them, they’re open in a way they wouldn’t be otherwise. This is why I make confident to be visible and offered prior to and immediately after the solutions and all through the week (as does the band). I also make it a point to preach after in a even though at my church. It is vital for my individuals to hear my heart and vision beyond the 20 minutes of music, one particular day a week (which they could catch 1-two instances a month.)

A different point we say about right here is, “It is not our gifts that transform the planet, it is our lives.” We really think in this notion that we want some thing FOR our volunteers, not FROM them. I do not care if all the jobs get carried out or not. I do not care if we do not have somebody on ProPresenter. I refuse to appear at volunteer possibilities as jobs to be carried out out of discipline or devotion. What I care about is the truth that transformation occurs ideal in the context of relationships – little groups, and serving. So I want all my teams in little groups and serving someplace. I’m convinced of this since it is been my story. Jesus didn’t die for us to give him our lives, he died to give us his. God does not need to have something from us, he desires some thing for us.

I was under no circumstances going to function in the church or in music. April 2nd, 2010 I was on the floor of the care pastor’s workplace at this church referred to as Grace. My dad had dragged me right here. My life was a disaster. But by means of serving and relationships, the Lord God entirely and actually transformed me into an completely various individual and place me in a leadership function with spiritual authority and a Kingdom mindset. This can come about for any and all of our individuals at any time, and it begins with us.

Here’s what I’m acquiring at. Ask oneself “To what extent do I have relationships with my band?” What I’m seeking for is, are these the individuals you contact when you have a difficult day? Are they the individuals you celebrate with when they get a promotion at function? Do you have fridge rights in their kitchen? (Have you ever even noticed their kitchen?) Are these individuals your Main pal group, or are they just a component of your life, and you come about to serve with them? Do you know how they’re motivated, and what they worry? How a lot time do you devote with them off campus, Monday by means of Saturday?

Notice a pattern? None of these concerns have something to do with music, or if they’ve confirmed in PCO, or if they showed up ready. These concerns have all the things to do with who they are and what the Father is undertaking in their journey. The win for us as worship leaders shouldn’t be, “man that was an great weekend.” Or “Worship was so anointed and individuals truly sang!” The win must sound much more like, “Wow, Jason truly took a step in partnership with Bill these days. I hadn’t noticed them connect like that prior to.” “Jenny truly opened up these days for the initially time in our neighborhood. That is Large.” This is Kingdom good results – culture shift and the journey.

The culture in your church will flow from the internal culture of whoever is onstage. You, the band, and production are the primary face of the church and will influence its path much more than any individual cares to admit. It is important that you are experiencing new breakthrough and transformation with Jesus in the secret spot, and your band is experiencing intimacy and standard moments of worship in partnership collectively offstage.

Fringe added benefits.

It turns out, as you obtain traction in partnership and organic discipleship you also obtain excellence on stage, your band will be intrinsically motivated to prepare (since they will want to bring their excellence as a present to their buddies), you will locate new power and chemistry onstage, and your church will develop since of it.

Concentrate on your group as a loved ones. Pursue them as buddies. Create some thing that will outlast you or your job at your church and watch the Lord’s boost in your residence.

Nic Payne is the Worship Pastor at Grace Church in Roseville, MN, &amp a coach at Tailored Coach. He also posts at the Grace Music Loved ones &amp Wandering Worship sites.

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