What the Bible Truly Says About Swearing


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Is swearing a sin? Ought to Christians cuss? 

My guess is you have a comparatively sturdy reaction to these concerns. Either for or against. When quite a few nicely which means Christians have quite a few passages loaded and prepared to fire about this subject, the Bible really says quite small. I know, you have this verse that you are specific is the definitive proof text. But hear me out. Not only does the Bible say small about utilizing harsh language, but it says some quite offense factors. 

Let’s commence by searching at how we’ve edited and softened quite a few of the offensive factors in the Bible. 

Want yet another concern that gets Christians fired up, but the Bible says small about? Ought to Christians drink, smoke, or get tattoos? 

Editing Out the “Bad” Stuff in the Bible

Given that most men and women can’t study ancient Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic the Bible requires to be translated to contemporary languages so we can have an understanding of it. The dilemma that comes with that method is the human translators are just that, human. They make errors. But normally occasions they also edit components that they deem offensive. 

Let’s appear at a handful of examples. 

Currently we study Song of Solomon as a cute small partnership amongst two lovers. But this is no PG encounter it is so explicit that the Jews didn’t let their youngsters study it till they became adults. After case of editing this book is in Song of Solomon five:14. Most translations just state “his physique is polished ivory”, or a thing like that. But that is missing the point. The wife is comparing an elephant tusk to her husband… In other words she is saying he is Nicely endowed. 

Paul wasn’t shy about harsh language either. He made use of the word skubala in Philippians three:eight, which harsher than crap, but not very as harsh as shit (sorry I meant sh*t…). If you have been offended by that, that is the point. Most translations tame it down to rubbish or trash, entirely missing the offensiveness of the word that Paul intentionally utilizes. He actual tames down the equivalent point that Isaiah 64:six tends to make that our functions are like “filthy rags” which need to study “menstruation rags.” 

Translators of the Old Testament normally translate the word shagel as “to lie with.” But shagel is a substantially a lot more vulgar word. Usually made use of to describe a sexual act or rape. 

Ezekiel will not cease speaking explicit sexual acts in disturbing detail. Jesus was seriously superior at putdowns, that we soften nowadays. And let’s not overlook about the violence that we normally just glance past… There are a lot of other examples. But I feel we get the point. The Bible is not afraid to use harsh words and descriptions. Having said that we are uncomfortable with the language the Bible utilizes and have edited substantially of it. 

What Does The Bible Say about Swearing? 

I know some of you are chomping at the bit with that 1 proof text about why swearing is a sin. So let’s appear at a handful of of the a lot more well-known verses made use of. If you want a comprehensive list go right here: What the Bible Says About Profanity

Ephesians five:four, Colossians three:eight, James three:six-10, and Proverbs four:24 are the 4 passages I hear most normally made use of to argue against swearing. The dilemma is these passages are not referring to what we now have an understanding of as cussing. 

The above scripture indicates that it is a sin to use our words to tear men and women down. What the Bible does make clear is that any language made use of to belittle, demean, or attack a person is a sin. But what about cussing when we stub our toe or utilizing a sturdy word to superior express what we are feeling? The Bible does not give us a direct answer.

God does not seriously appear to care about the words we use. Rather the manor in which we use words is what matters. 

Words are highly effective. And we ought to be cautious to use them in a way that honors God and builds men and women up. Usually we do the opposite and use our words to tear men and women down. And that is what God cares about. 

Here’s the bottom line. Words are not the concern. They are just that, words. Every single word has a suitable location and a time that they can be made use of. Any word that is made use of to tear a person down is incorrect. But just simply because we’ve placed specific words on the “do not say list” does not make them a sin. It is how, when, and exactly where we use them that dictates irrespective of whether they are superior or poor.

What About Taking the Lords Name in Vain?

Taking the Lord’s name in vain normally gets lumped into the similar category as cussing, so we will briefly appear at what that signifies. But if you want a a lot more complete appear at it I have written this write-up: What It Truly Indicates to Take the Lord’s Name in Vain 

Exodus 20:7 is exactly where this command is located and states: “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold any one guiltless who misuses his name.” 

Far and away the most prevalent application of this verse is we shouldn’t use God’s name as a curse word, as in saying “Oh My God.” You could make an argument for not saying these phrases above simply because they show disrespect. However we’ve softened what taking the Lord’s Name in vain seriously signifies. We normally dismiss the accurate seriousness of what this passage signifies with the very simple answer of not utilizing God’s name as a curse word.

The actual concern this passage is address is 1 of representation, not the use of God’s name when you stub your toe. Consider of the Television Evangelist who, in God’s name, influences men and women to give them revenue. they are not accurately representing God. By claiming they are and major men and women astray they are taking God’s name in vain. 

Study this if you want a lot more: What It Truly Indicates to Take the Lord’s Name in Vain

So Ought to Christian Swear? 

We know what the Bible says. But what do we do with it? Can Christians cuss? 

Here’s the quick answer: Do what you want. 


Do not use your words, irrespective of whether curse words or not, to belittle, attack, or demean any one. Yes, even “that” particular person that you know is incorrect.

Some of the worst factors I’ve heard have come from Christians who intentionally do not swear, but nevertheless use their words to tear other people apart. The point the Bible tends to make is that the words you use are not the dilemma. Words are neutral. The way you use words dictates if they turn out to be superior or poor. 

The point is swearing is not a sin simply because of the word itself. It can turn out to be a sin based on how we use these, and other, words. 

Now there is a secondary query we need to have to answer. Can Christians cuss? Yes. Ought to Christians cuss? Nicely that depends. 

What is ideal and incorrect is not constantly the similar as what is sensible and unwise. Or at least helpful and ineffective. When it may well be okay to do a thing, or say a thing, it may well not constantly be sensible. 

Here’s a superior query to ask… Would Working with {Fill in the Blank Word} Support or Distract? 

Life is not all black and white. The Bible does not portray it that way either there’s a complete lot of gray. This query will assist us sort out what the wisest issue for us to do is. 

Final point… Let’s have a small grace. Some men and women will make a decision cussing will hinder their partnership with God. Excellent, do not do it. And let’s watch our language about them. Other’s are not bothered, but there’s no need to have to judge them for how they use their freedom. When the Bible is grey, pick out grace. 


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