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J. Warner Wallace is a Dateline-featured cold-case homicide detective, well-liked national speaker, and very best-promoting author. He continues to seek the advice of on cold-case investigations though serving as a Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He is also an adjunct professorof apologetics at Biola University and a faculty member at Summit Ministries.

Prior to he became a well-liked apologist, Jim would listen to the Bible Answer Man broadcast in the automobile though functioning stakeouts as an undercover investigator. He has because masterfully melded his one of a kind capabilities as a cold-case detective with his passion for Christian apologetics to supply believers and skeptics alike the tools and proof to make the case for the Christian faith.

The following is a snapshot from a current episode of Hank Unplugged, exactly where Hank and Jim discussed apatheism.

Hank Hanegraaff: There is a new play on the word “atheism” known as “apatheism”— the new apathy about God — which says God’s existence is not regarded a relevant query. Appears that this is perhaps as harmful as atheism with respect to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some men and women get in touch with it the energy of meh. But this apatheism, this apathy, how do you shake men and women out of their lethargy?

J. Warner Wallace: I will inform you this: I am writing a book ideal now with Sean McDowell on how to teach Christian apologetics to Gen Z [Generation Z] since we do a lot of this either in a worldview conference or in a classroom setting. About 70 % of our audiences are young men and women. I feel that apathy is a far higher danger. It is a far larger hazard.

I don’t forget I had a prosecutor whom I did most of my cold instances with whose name was John. He had a co-prosecutor named Ethan on many of our instances. They would come more than to my property to prep a case, and I would be sitting for weeks with these two. Ethan and I would argue passionately. Ethan is a quite adamant atheist, and we would get involved in an hour conversation at a time speaking about theism — God’s existence. Meanwhile, John would get so upset that he would lastly scream at Ethan and say, “Ethan, cease taking to Jim. He loves the reality that you are interested. You have to have to be extra like me. Jim knows I couldn’t care significantly less about any of this stuff. So, he does not speak to me about it. If you continue to show this sort of passion, he’s going to be speaking to you about this all day, and we’re not going to get any perform completed.” So, he’d say, “You have to have to be extra like me.” He is certainly ideal. It was hard to speak to John about these challenges mostly since his apathy was paralyzing. He loves sports but if I have been going to speak to him about some compact Division five group in some rural aspect of Wisconsin, he does not care. “Why need to I care about that?” This is the way he saw the search for which means and God. Why need to I care about it?

I feel apathy, and overcoming apathy, is a essential to what we are going to have to face in the subsequent generation with Gen Z. I feel there are some tactics for this.

Appear, no a single is apathetic at a point of crisis. I do not have to be concerned about apathy in my victim households, for instance. They are all passionately engaged in the approach. They want to see justice. It turns out that apathy is that sort of issue milling about till the rubber meets the road. What we have to do is show our young men and women exactly where and how the rubber meets the road. Exactly where, how, and why this is so important. A lot of this is going to come to them by means of narrative, by way of storytelling, by way of examples. They like examples. They like storytelling. We are going to have to inform the stories that amplify for them why they need to care. They are most likely going to be stories of tragedies, stories of crisis of which means, or crisis of goal. I feel when we do that, it is not attempting to falsely ignite a passion. This is exactly where all apathy vanishes. It vanishes when somebody lastly steals your automobile. It vanishes when somebody lastly, on the basis of a worldview you do not agree with, does one thing to harm you. This is exactly where apathy vanishes.

I feel in the finish, we have to support ourselves. Let’s face it, if we are not modeling power, passion, and interest, if we are not clearly passionate about what we think, then great luck attempting to transfer that to the men and women you are functioning with, the young men and women you are major. It is a single issue to say, “I do not fully grasp why everyone does not come to youth group.” Nicely, I am going to be sincere. I am going to appear and say 1st, “What does the leader appear like? Is the leader passionate?” Passion is contagious. It is a single of these issues that is caught rather than taught. I feel that is aspect of it, also.

There are many issues we can do. For instance, I noticed when I would commence with young men and women, and I would say, “Hey, in eight weeks, we are going to the campus of UC Berkeley, since I want you to see what that campus is like, and I am going to place you on the campus at Berkeley, so you are going to have to witness and speak to students, most of whom are not going to be Christians or religious. I am going to give you some tactics. We are going to train you for eight weeks. We are also going to place you on stage exactly where you are going to have a likelihood to debate with atheist speakers and atheist thinkers.” All of a sudden, apathy is lifted. They want to go on the trip to Berkeley since it sounds thrilling. So, they will go, but I have never ever returned with an apathetic student. Placing them in that hot seat is what ignited their passion to do it once again. I also have never ever completed a trip like that exactly where it did not develop every single year. If you went the 1st year, you wanted to go every single year. So, I would have extra and extra students that I would be taking more than the course of 4 or 5 years. These sorts of trips place the rubber to the road, and that is exactly where we see apathy go away.

Listen to complete conversation right here.

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