What a Distinction Some thing Like a Haircut Can Make!


My son, spend consideration to my wisdom Lend your ear to my understanding, That you might preserve discretion, And your lips might retain information. Proverbs five:1-two

Final week, I noticed that my dad’s hair was a small shaggy about the back. No one almost certainly noticed it, due to the fact Dad has small to no hair on leading, but my dad likes to be neat and trim. I stopped by and asked to make positive that Dad had sufficient cash on the books to spend for haircuts and they scheduled a single for this week.

Essentially, I asked her to schedule a single for each week. My dad enjoys obtaining his hair reduce so significantly that I told her that if he runs out of cash, let me know and I will place a lot more cash on his account, so he can have haircuts each week.

Anyway, when I went to see Dad yesterday, the initial factor he mentioned was, “Did you notice my haircut?” I complemented him on it and told him how good he looked. What a distinction anything like a haircut can make!

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