Weblog #7 – Soul Searchin’ BY KElSEY LYNN


Nowadays I want to speak to everybody especially about obsessions. This word can have so numerous distinct meanings but I especially want to speak about the obsession of material possessions for the reason that I know we all do this. The dictionary definition of ‘Obsessed’ is to assume about anything unceasingly or persistently. For some that may perhaps be spending all your time considering of or researching a particular possession that intrigues you like, for me, is fuzzy socks or cameras. Perhaps your obsession is motorcycles or something that offers you adrenaline. You see, there are so numerous distinct material points to turn into obsessed with right now. But I have a query for you. WHAT IF you alternatively had been obsessed with digging deep into Gods words and promises? What if you had been obsessed with creating that connection with God alternatively of that connection with the guy you sorta like? Can you envision what much better of a life we would have if we didn’t devote our time researching anything that will only give us short-term satisfaction but alternatively anything that would give us eternal satisfaction and general abundance? Do not get me incorrect, I’m guilty of this myself. I kind short-term obsessions with material points that it truly drives me away from God. So now you may well be asking, effectively how can I turn into obsessed with God? The truth is, it is going to be distinct for everybody. Some may perhaps just want to sit down in a quiet spot and study the bible (me). Some may perhaps want to actively go to a youth group and find out far more about other people testimonies and how to adhere to Jesus. There are so numerous distinct strategies to obsess more than Gods words and strategies, the possibilities are endless. That is whats so awesome. I have not too long ago turn into obsessed with sharing my faith. Not in the way that puts stress on someone’s life that if they do not have faith then they are worthless but in the way that creates joy in someone’s life. I could share my testimony with a thousand people today and be overfilled with joy if only 1 persons life changed for the reason that of me. That is the type of obsession God desires us to posses. Even if you use your time to speak to God alternatively of obsessing more than social media, your life will start out to adjust. I guarantee you that.

Hope you guys liked this and I additional hope it helped at least 1 of you &#x1f642



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