Watching Out for Me


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Sister Angeline Young

Watching Out for Me

Today’s Miracle Monday is a miraculous incident submitted by Sister Angeline Young.

A single morning though driving property from a extended midnight shift, I was approaching a stoplight and became concerned and distracted by a group of little ones riding their bikes in a risky region onto an expressway.

I was distraught by the thought of their security getting compromised by cycling in an region that was prohibited to something but motor automobiles. I stopped paying consideration to the road, and when I looked back at the wheel, the light in front of me had turned red, and I was seconds away from a quick-paced collision.

In that moment, I yelled out, “God assistance me,” and He swiftly placed my auto into the subsequent lane and stopped my car safely with no me getting moved the wheel or touched the brake.

I thank God that He loved me adequate to bring me out of harm’s way. I really feel He knew my heart and my sincere concern for my fellow man at that time and rewarded me for my unselfish concern for these youngsters.

I did not get to backtrack and was shook up by this miracle, so I do not know what occurred to the cyclers, but somehow I am specific that the Lord looked soon after their wellbeing as he did mine.


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