Truth is Stranger than Fiction…



I like reading, but additional than that I like reading non-fiction. Actual life stories, history of all sorts, weird accurate pieces of human history that most persons would uncover pointless and boring.&nbspI study a book as soon as about the founder of the “Akron Tire and Rubber Corporation” and I did it in significantly less than a week. I study the biography of Monty Roberts, a true life “Horse Whisperer”. named “The Man Who Talks to Horses”.&nbsp And then there are the bizarre reads,&nbsp“Queen City Notorious: Cincinnati’s Most Sensational Murder Situations” and “Queen City Gothic: Cincinnati’s Most Infamous Murder Situations”. These had been the ones I might have required to cease reading immediately after dark…super creepy. The weird, the boring, the unknown, these are normally the titles that I gravitate towards at the old bookstore or the library.&nbsp

Mark Twain mentioned, “Truth is stranger than fiction…” Even though I never disagree I would say, “Truth is stranger than fiction but fiction is a significantly faster study.”&nbsp

It is uncommon but each and every wonderful as soon as in a whilst I will swing by the library and uncover some thing that is clearly far-fetched and blatantly fiction. At times it feels as although I just need to have a break from true-life, I need to have to get lost in some thing ridiculous. I am at the moment in the midst of a single of these seasons ideal now. As I was reading my most recent library grab “The 49th Mystic” I was shocked by how swiftly I was progressing via the book. Ahead of I knew it, I was practically halfway via and it felt like I had just arrived residence from the library. I wondered, “Why is it that I can study fiction at a faster pace than I can study non-fiction?” As I study my thoughts lingered about that query and I was reminded of words from the Bible.

Proverbs 18:eight says, Rumors are dainty morsels&nbspthat sink deep into a single&rsquos heart.”&nbspWe like a very good story never we? I’ve constantly joked that the ideal stories start off out with the story teller hunting more than their shoulder to see if any individual else is listening. We like these “dainty morsels” and rumors that get passed about. Sadly the truth or appropriateness behind the morsels typically becomes irrelevant. There is some thing about hearing bits of rumors that gets our blood pumping ideal?&nbsp Substantially like my fictional reading these “dainty morsels” can be complete of true-life plot twists, back stabbing and gotcha moments. What we typically neglect in our hunt for these morsels is the finish outcome. The Scripture tends to make clear that these “dainty morsels” uncover their way into our hearts and when they do we run the threat of damaging what is not ours to harm.&nbsp

As a Christ follower you gave your heart to God and invited His Son Jesus to rule and reign in your heart. There is no area for “dainty morsels” of gossip and inappropriate tidbits of data in there. There is a single throne of your heart and Jesus refuses to share it with any individual or something else. We typically try to excuse away our “dainty morsel” addiction as very simple curiosity or genuine concern more than a unique scenario and never ever bother to cease and ask if what we’re hearing is even accurate. Beyond that we never ever cease to ask if any of these “dainty morsel” are even any of our small business.&nbsp We thrive on these “dainty morsels”. It feels very good to get “the scoop” on the most recent news in the workplace, the neighborhood or even at the church but let’s contact it what it is, “GOSSIP”. When we partake we harm the hearts of other people and ourselves. Steer clear. Be encouraged and preserve moving forward.&nbsp


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