Time for Adjust: Retiring this Weblog to Concentrate on a Essential New Initiative


How does a single say this, just after all these years, all these friendships, all these interactions?

It is been very a ride, for a single issue. And it is coming complete circle.

When I began this weblog on an additional platform pretty much 15 years ago, I believed it was going to be about Christian approach. It speedily morphed into an apologetics and ethics weblog, nevertheless. Now I’m returning to that original strategic intention now. I’m undertaking as aspect of a group, on a distinct platform, for a new goal fitted to a new day in our planet. It is nonetheless got a lot to do with ethics and apologetics, but it is focused now on techniques to bring far more considering Christianity into the Church.

I’ll create quite a few posts right here to clarify and introduce that more than the subsequent couple of weeks. And then I’m going to retire this weblog.

The published posts and comments will stay, of course.

The Neighborhood

It genuinely has been a fantastic run. I’ve treasured my time with the neighborhood of commenters right here: Charlie Scott, SteveK, Holopupenko, G. Rodrigues, BillT, scbrownlrhm, Melissa, Victoria, Jenna, Billy Squibs, JAD, djc, The Deuce, Medicine Man, bigbird, and so numerous other supporting commenters. It is risky to start creating a list I’ll miss a person critical to my time right here. I need to apologize for that in advance.

I assume as effectively as the loyal opposition. medical doctor(logic) comes 1st to thoughts: he was a single of the 1st and a single of the most engaging. Also Paul, Sault, Tony Hoffman, David Ellis, Raz, Nick Matzke, Tom Clark, OlegT, Jacob Stump, James Lindsay, Ray Ingles, Shane Fletcher, Keith, Ordinary Seeker, Larry Tanner, Gregory Magarshak, John Moore, Skepticism 1st, and so numerous, numerous other folks who have enlivened discussions right here for so extended.

Would You Be Prepared … ?

If this weblog has meant some thing to you more than the years, would you be prepared to say so in comments?

I’ve met some of you face to face, which includes a single atheist who asked me in no way to inform about it — and I haven’t, although I nonetheless want we could have recorded that meeting, or een sold tickets to see it! Nothing at all violent about it we had a fantastic breakfast collectively. And some lively debate!

Right here is exactly where I’ve honed my writing capabilities. Right here is exactly where I discovered significantly of what I know about apologetics ministry. Holopupenko taught me to appreciate Thomism, significantly of which I even agree with now! Other individuals taught me that I didn’t know as significantly as I believed I did, which drove me to additional study.

Behind the scenes, as well, this was exactly where my son, Jonathan, taught me an awful lot about internet style and specially WordPress, as he also created a entire series of outstanding style themes.

The Content material, the Connections

Right here, as well, is exactly where I identified a network that connected me with writing possibilities on line with 1st Issues, Breakpoint, the Christian Apologetics Alliance Facebook Group, the Apologetics Bloggers Alliance, and in the end The Stream, exactly where I now do the fantastic majority of my writing. I cannot start to say sufficient thanks for the friendships gained by means of all that extended network.

It was fantastic, when it was at its most effective. At its peak this weblog was seeing some thing like 35,000 web page views a month. On this WordPress platform alone, just after I switched from the original, this post is the two,345th I’ve written. Commenters have written far more than 60,500 comments. 4 years ago I ran a test on a random sample of weblog posts, and estimated that by then I’d blogged just below half a million words, not which includes comments (which have been significantly far more voluminous).

The Recognitions

This transform is not effortless. I’ve been agonizing more than it actually for months. I’ve got a lot of history right here. 3 years ago Feedspot honored this weblog as the major-ranking individually-hosted Christian weblog on the world wide web. As of this writing, Feedspot is nonetheless ranking it the quantity two Christian philosophy weblog, proper behind Edward Feser’s. Due to the fact Feser is a Roman Catholic, that would make this the major Protestant Christian philosophy weblog in Feedspot’s view.

Also at a variety of occasions Pondering Christian has ranked at or close to the major of quite a few lists at Blogmetrics.

In time it will disappear from all these rankings, I know. It is going to be difficult to let that go.

So Why On Earth Would I Leave This Behind?

Why move on, then? I’ve changed. The planet we reside in has changed. The Church has changed, as well — but it is not maintaining up with the rest, and that alarms me. American Christianity is moving toward persecution, in terms that Jesus himself defined in Matthew five:11-12. Anti-Christian hostility is effectively documented. Even exactly where men and women are not facing hostility, the Christian view of reality is below persistent, constant attack. It is only most likely to raise as our culture polarizes far more and far more.

And we’re not prepared for it. For that purpose, along with a developing group of buddies and colleagues, I’m turning my concentrate toward Christianity’s readiness for what’s ahead.

A lot of of my colleagues in apologetics have asked, “Why will not the Church adopt apologetics as aspect of its equipping?” It’s a fantastic query. We at the Spiritual Readiness Project are turning it into a matter of study. We want to be in a position to answer that fantastic query, from the viewpoint of the churches — and specially the pastors who have so significantly else to assume about.

We want to know quite especially how we can enable. And then more than the course of three to five years we intend to create books, articles, and conferences to serve the Church in this essential region of equipping.

If that weren’t so critical, I wouldn’t leave right here. But it is.

The Previous Couple of Years: The Excellent and the Poor

The pace right here has decreased more than the previous couple of years, as well. When I joined Ratio Christi’s national leadership group some 5 or six years ago, my writing time diminished. Later on I attempted to preserve points going right here whilst also writing for The Stream, which could have worked had my heart not been turning toward the Spiritual Readiness Project.

When I quit writing right here as significantly, the commenting neighborhood I’d enjoyed so significantly right here dissipated, as well. It only tends to make sense. There wasn’t practically as significantly purpose to come and converse. Not only that, but the high-quality of skeptic/atheistic commenting has diminished drastically either that or it is often been this poor, and my patience with it has worn out.

I’ve told would-be bloggers, “Whatever you do, create some thing you delight in writing about!” I’m undertaking that at The Stream pretty much just about every day, and loving it! But I’m also getting new excitement in the Spiritual Readiness Project. It is a group work, which like The Stream is a welcome break from years of solo blogging. And I’m picking the venues I assume will matter far more more than the subsequent quite a few years.

Transition Starts Now and Thank You!

I’ll create couple of far more transitional posts right here, given that I genuinely want you to know about the Spiritual Readiness Project. Then I will turn all my interest there, The Stream, and other writing (which includes a book in progress), and be completed writing right here.

I leave right here with a lot of joy in my heart for all God has permitted me to do and to knowledge right here. I say this with like in my heart, and fantastic appreciation: Thank you all for reading, sharing, commenting, and creating my life richer by means of it.


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