three Strategies to Make Social Media Perform For You


Just due to the fact you can, does not imply you ought to.

Social media is a big blessing, but just like the meat God gave the Israelites in the desert, it can be also considerably.

So how do we use social media to our benefit without having it consuming our lives? Right here are a handful of strategies to make Social Media function for you and not against you.

Do not really feel the have to have to be on every single common platform. Commence with a single, do it nicely, and then add one more as you have space. If your Twitter account is not having likes, and requires up important pieces of your day, let it go. Concentrate on what is operating as an alternative of forcing one thing that is not.

It is also straightforward to stretch ourselves also thin when it comes to social media. The fantastic news is that you do not have to. 

And do not confuse beginning smaller with staying smaller. Your platforms will develop and hopefully so will your capacity. You will discover strategies / tricks along the way to do what you do faster and a lot easier.

Time is scarce, but wasted time is…wasted? The point is that scheduling content material makes it possible for you to dive deep into focused function, make sure you are not missing essential pieces, and frees up space later. Pick a constant time every single week to schedule posts for your social media accounts. Mix up announcement and engagement posts. Then all through the week, respond to comments and drop a handful of engagement posts as they come to you. The stress is off.

Facebook has its personal scheduler, but there are lots out there. They are worth investing into, but most have absolutely free solutions as nicely. Right here are a handful of of my favorites:


Sprout Social


Content material may well be king, but what about when we do not have the time or creativity to produce it? Do not be afraid to share from other sources.

Right here are some concepts:

  • Behind the Scenes of what you are operating on for the weekend
    • Worship leader tuning guitar
    • Pastor writing message on laptop
    • Graphic Designer operating on graphic (blur graphic for added impact)
    • Children’s Ministry preparing a lesson
    • Volunteer sweeping the floor (“We’re having prepared for you!)
    • Printing applications
    • Audio Guy testing sound levels
    • Clip of band rehearsal
  • Nearby Events
    • Use captions like, “Who’s going?” or “If you are hunting for one thing to do this weekend, invite your smaller group to _____”
  • Video Clips from the weekend message (hyperlink to complete message)
  • Quotes from the weekend message w/ image or graphic
  • Stats from the weekend (___ baptisms, ____ new households, _____ little ones, ____ parking spots empty, ____cups of coffee drunk)
  • Volunteer Highlight
  • Get to know us (employees member highlight)
  • Useful articles written by other people today
  • Celebrate one more church’s highlight
  • Curate an arsenal of engagement posts and schedule them all through the month (see this report for concepts)
  • Repost videos from the weekend messages
  • Worship Song Set List Graphic

It is okay to slow the brakes till you have a firm grasp on what you are carrying out. It is superior to engage nicely with the audience you have than leave new followers hanging due to the fact you are spread also thin or do not have sufficient content material to engage routinely.

I’d adore to hear other techniques you have identified that support make sure SM does not dominate your life, or inquiries you could have! Comment beneath.


Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash




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