three Hidden Gems from the InterVarsity Spotify Worship Playlist


I was 12 years old, standing in a public park, watching a Christian hip-hop group, Truce, carry out. 3 songs, a testimony, and a contact to faith. That is the format in which I very first heard the gospel. Due to the fact that day, music has been deeply a component of my discipleship. I would recognize myself as a musichead.

When I was younger, music was a therapeutic release, to escape reality. When I became a Christian, music became 1 of the strategies I connected to God most deeply. It is in the middle of the worship set that my heart would get gripped by the beauty of Jesus. It is at the starting of the altar-contact song exactly where the culmination of the preacher’s sermon would actualize in my heart. It is my worship playlist in the morning that assists orient my heart to what God has for me that day. There’s a thing about music that assists place words to feelings I am feeling but do not have the courage or language to communicate. There’s a thing about music that assists me get out of my personal head and into the thoughts and heart of God.

A single of my preferred factors to do when listening to music is to choose apart the song like I do with Scripture. To pull the instruments from the lyrics and hear the beauty in the two distinct components. To hear 3 versions of the identical song to hear the distinction in rhythm, groove, and emotion. To place 1 song on repeat to catch the nuances in the lyrics and delivery. For me, it is in the pulling apart of music that I uncover gems. These gems add depth to the musical practical experience for me. As I sat and enjoyed the InterVarsity Spotify Worship Playlist, I noticed so numerous gems for us to appreciate, but here’s 3 I consider we can not miss.

“You Are Good” by Israel Houghton

There’s so a lot to enjoy about this song. But the 1 gem I want to highlight is the way this song’s composition, I humbly think, bridges a gap for racial reconciliation. Now, considering that 2008, “You Are Good” has flooded worship sets everywhere. And what’s not to enjoy about this song? The 5 significant chords in the song do a fantastic job in emoting joy by way of the truth of Psalm 100:five. The simplicity of the lyrics also make it genuinely excellent for corporate worship, considering that it is uncomplicated to comply with. But none of that is the gem that I consider is worth paying interest to.

A single of the factors that tends to make this song so special is its capability to bridge collectively distinctive cultures and cultivate a multiethnic worship practical experience. The song is not really CCM (Christian Modern Music), and it is not really Gospel. It is virtually a merge of each. The simplicity of the lyrics has also created it accessible to translate into other languages (I’ve observed/heard it also in Spanish, Tagalog, French, Korean, Italian, Chinese). Worshiping in a song that has this sort of flexibility, exactly where each the musical composition and the lyrics can blend into so numerous distinctive cultural contexts, tends to make it a gem worth holding on to. Envision getting in a multiethnic church and having to sing this 1 song in seven distinctive languages with no it feeling like appropriation or a weak cultural representation. This could appear and really feel like the image of heaven from Revelation 7:9.

“Great Are You Lord” by All Sons &amp Daughters

Once more, so numerous causes to like this song, but I consider what tends to make this song a gem is that the lyrics invite us to worship by way of lyrical honesty and truth. Occasionally, worship songs contact us to make declarative statements (e.g., I give myself away) as a way to invite us into proper connection with God. Songs like this are significant. But the gem in “Great Are You Lord” is that it invites us into the currently present reality of God’s truth. With lyrics like “You give life, you are enjoy, you bring light to the darkness” and “It’s your breath in our lungs,” this song invites us to worship by saying what is currently correct about God. These lyrics are not about us, our desires, or our brokenness. And even though I consider these factors are significant in our worship, getting capable to rehearse what is correct about God (“All the earth will shout your praise,” “Great are you Lord,” and so forth.) forces us to transform our view of ourselves, our desires, and our brokenness to mirror what we know to be correct about God. This tends to make “Great Are You Lord” significant to our worship repertoire.

“Forever” by Kari Jobe

I enjoy this song since of its concentrate on the resurrection. If your church is something like the ones I’ve attended, then worship setlists start to comply with a sort of thematic trend. Songs about Jesus’ birth are sung on Christmas. Songs about the Father’s enjoy on Father’s Day. Songs about the cross and the blood of Jesus on Very good Friday. Songs about the resurrection on Easter. For clarity, there’s practically nothing incorrect with that. I consider it is fantastic that the calendar year can remind us of biblical truths like these that are anchors to our faith and understanding of God. And, if you are like me, you anticipate some of these services’ worship instances since it is 1 of the uncommon moments when you get to sing some of these songs. Just about every Easter, I appear forward to singing songs like “He’s Alive” and “Celebrate Jesus Celebrate.”

Even so, obtaining songs about the resurrection in our regular worship rotation is significant to maintain a proper view of Jesus. This is why I consider “Forever” is such a gem. I humbly think that the songs we sing in worship have deep impacts on our understanding. Men and women keep in mind worship songs quicker and additional frequently than they keep in mind a sermon point. Simply because “Forever” is a song that points to the resurrection, it has the capability to center our “lived” worship (not just our musical worship) about Jesus as the Risen Savior.

Can you visualize a worship setlist like this:

  1. “You Are Good”
  2. “Great Are You Lord”
  3. “Forever”

The very first song invites us into a multiethnic worship practical experience, exactly where we can appreciate the richness of the diversity about us, although reciting Scripture more than and more than once again. The second song invites us to rehearse the truth about who God is, forcing us to interpret the contexts of our life to the unchangeable truth of God’s eminence. And the third song invites us to the catalytic reality that our worship is to a Risen Savior, reminding us that our worries can be casted to the A single who cares and our witness is to the A single who is alive now (amen!). And so the gems of these 3 songs give us language about Jesus’ fantastic commandment, posturing us to superior enjoy God with our thoughts, heart, soul, and strength, and to enjoy our neighbor as ourselves.


Verify out InterVarsity USA’s “The Worship Playlist” on Spotify for these songs and additional. 


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