“Those Who Hate Me Really like Death.” —Godly Wisdom


The news is filled with stories of the planet expressing its hatred toward the faith and its express intention to take away the liberties and freedoms of everyone who will not bow the knee to Caesar (in our day, celebrate homosexuality, profane marriage, admit that females are guys and guys are females, abuse young children, and, of course, murder young children in the womb). This is our culture’s way of demanding that pinch of incense upon the altar. This is our “mark of the beast,” to be certain: obsequious obedience to Caesar’s moral rebellion against God’s law.

It is straightforward to grow to be angry, and bitter. But we will have to recall: the world’s hatred of God’s law, resulting in their hatred toward we who represent that law (as we reside in submission to the Lordship of Christ), is really practically nothing far more than the hatred of the rebel creature against the sovereign Creator. The wisdom writer mentioned it lengthy ago:

Whoever finds me finds life, and obtains favor from Yahweh
But the 1 who fails to discover me destroys himself
All who hate me enjoy death.
(Proverbs eight:35-36)

Have been it not for the grace of God, we also would be vomiting forth our hatred of His techniques to our personal destruction. Often recall you have been graciously rescued just before your righteous indignation carries you across the line into sin.


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