‘They have no far more wine.’


In the story of the wedding at Cana, the wine runs out and Mary says to Jesus, ‘They have no far more wine.’ She does not give him any guidelines about what he may possibly do she just presents the scenario as it is.

Telling God what to do

Normally, when we pray, we like to inform God what to do.

And there’s practically nothing incorrect with this. Jesus says at a single point in John’s gospel, ‘I will do what ever you ask in my name.’

But in some cases it feels not only far more gracious but also far more trusting to basically present to God what ever it is that is on our minds.

Telling it as it is

In Eavesdropping: understanding to pray from these who talked to Jesus, Henry Martin says,

‘Mary basically brings a challenge to Jesus and then leaves it with him. She delivers no options, nor asks him to do something. Her job is to alert Jesus and then trust that what ever he does subsequent will be good…

Praying is usually far far more very simple than we make it…Our ‘solutions’ could harm our praying. At times we bring not only our challenge to God, but also some fairly certain directions for him, on his ideal way to proceed. Mary does not fall into this trap. She sees. She tells. She leaves the rest to him.’

A sort of See it – Say it – Sort it, if you like.

Martin goes on, ‘Mary could have taken charge and ordered her son to nip out and discover far more wine from whichever shops have been open…but she currently knows her son’s capability to consider outdoors the box. She sees. She tells him. She trusts him…We miss out when we are also prescriptive with our options. God is absolutely free to answer us in techniques far beyond our imagining. If we are so fixed just on our a single outcome, we may possibly fail to notice that God is answering our prayer…’

The worst prayers

Moreover, if we need to have to come up with options, we may possibly not pray at all. Specifically in seemingly hopeless conditions.

Martin says, ‘The worst prayers are these we in no way pray.’

Possibly there have been no shops in Cana and no attainable option to the lack of wine at the wedding – but that did not quit Mary telling Jesus about the scenario.

The answer to prayer is often joy and peace

And the finish of the story is that – in an extraordinary miracle – Jesus turns water into wine and celebrations continue.

When we take our troubles to God – we also can trust that he will discover a way to bring joy and peace – even in conditions that, to us, appear not possible.


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