The Significance of Priority


Stepping stone? No!

I did not use Children’s Ministry for a stepping stone toward the Senior Pastorate. Nonetheless, I can see more than the previous 3 years how God has been preparing my heart for the Senior Pastorate. I am eternally thankful for God directing my path toward exactly where I am right now – The Senior Pastorate.

Just before I transitioned out of my prior church, a mentor who is also a former pastor told me, “The two most essential issues a pastor can concentrate on are: Prayer and the Ministry of the Word.” Whilst I have an understanding of why he counseled me toward these two tasks and I think they are Biblical (Acts six:four), I would like to take time to narrow our concentrate down to 1 priority as leaders in ministry. Our priority is basically this:

The Glory of God

When God’s individuals had been permitted to return and worship God soon after seventy years of exile, they returned to a temple that was in ruin. God’s individuals then began to lay the foundation (Ezra three:10), but became discouraged by their adversaries. For sixteen years, God’s individuals became focused on other tasks: rebuilding their personal residences, farming, function, meals, and drink, even though God’s Home remained unfinished.

A prophet named Haggai is named by God to emphasize rebuilding the temple. In Haggai 1:7, God declares, “Look at your methods. Go up to the hills and bring wood and make the residence, that I could take pleasure in it and that I could be glorified

The glory of God was the priority for God’s individuals. Rebuilding their personal dwelling, farming, consuming meals, earning wages had been not sinful. When the priority shifted away from God’s glory, God rebuked the individuals and named them to ‘consider their ways’.

As leaders in ministry, we can be distracted with ministry and very easily overlook that our priority in ministry and in all of life is to glorify God. With the demands of leadership continually shifting and altering, it is essential that we day-to-day refocus our priority in ministry. With this in thoughts, more than the subsequent 3 weeks, I will go over 3 methods we can give glory to God as leaders in ministry.

  1. Prayer
  2. Self-Care
  3. Path

Verify back subsequent week as I create about providing God glory in every of these elements.


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