The Lies FOMO Tells Us


Quite a few millennials have grown up in a globe brimming with alternatives. Strawberry or cookie dough Pop-Tarts? Drama Club or the soccer group? College or trade college? In all these alternatives, we’ve found that from time to time there seriously was a greater solution out there, and we missed out—cookie dough Pop-Tarts seriously have been far more sugary and flavorfully great! This only reinforced in us what we now contact FOMO, worry of missing out.

The factor is, FOMO is not one thing you just outgrow. It is not just benign supply material for memes either. As we get older, our alternatives only multiply, and so do our fears that we seriously could be missing out on one thing wonderful.

Seeking back on the number of moves and job adjustments I’ve created because college, it is a small unsettling how substantially FOMO factored into these choices. If the worship at church wasn’t pretty what I was made use of to, or if there was one thing about my job I wasn’t delighted with, I’d start to wonder, Perhaps I’m missing out. Perhaps all the points I’m searching for—like a terrific church, a profession that fits my gifts, and an amazing group of friends—maybe they’re all out there someplace else, just waiting for me. These stray thoughts gradually started to develop into portion of my everyday routine—driving to operate, hanging out at property, and so forth.—till they ultimately convinced me that moving was my greatest solution.

Do not get me incorrect I’m not saying that there are not scenarios when moving to a new job or new spot tends to make the most sense. But I’ve come to recognize the danger of letting FOMO make these alternatives for you.

The Under no circumstances-Ending Cycle

Like an ad guaranteeing that new clothing, vehicles, or homes will instantaneously make us happier, my FOMO promises that a uncomplicated adjust of situations is all it will take to repair my complications. It situations me into approaching moves like a passive customer, with the unspoken, just about subconscious expectation that altering my zip code or job would adjust my life. Pals would pop out of nowhere. Operate would be fulfilling and rewarding. I’d have a “light bulb” moment exactly where I’d know that I was property. And I wouldn’t have to do a factor to make all that come about. Just show up, unpack my stuff, and wait for my great life to fall into spot. 

But when I truly consider by means of these assumptions, alternatively of blindly believing them, I see how flawed they are. My strongest friendships didn’t quickly come about. They grew by means of intentionality, work. I didn’t miraculously uncover my calling as a writer. It took years of truly writing ahead of I sensed God calling me in this path.

Believing FOMO’s lies has only left me disappointed, searching for an additional swift repair, an additional move to aid relieve these thoughts of missing out. It is a by no means-ending cycle that leaves me restless and questioning what to attempt and exactly where to go subsequent. 

Contentment—What We’re Actually Missing

In Psalm 16:5–6, David writes, “LORD, you alone are my portion and my cup you make my lot safe. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant locations certainly I have a delightful inheritance.” There’s no “I’d be happier if I had a greater job, if I discovered the proper church, if I moved down the street or across the globe.” God is the root and foundation for David’s satisfaction. Simply because of this, he discovers joy proper exactly where he is.

That flies in the face of my FOMO one thing fierce. 

So do God’s commands to the Jews immediately after they have been carried off to Babylon: “Build homes and settle down plant gardens and consume what they make. . . . Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile” (Jeremiah 29:five, 7). These people today probably had a robust case of FOMO and a lot far more genuine factors for it than numerous of us do. They have been forced into a new, foreign spot far from property. What weren’t they missing out on? But God does not command them to sneak away to come across a greater spot to reside and operate. No, he commands contentment—for his people today to settle down, take root, and engage with the neighborhood they’re living in. No FOMO right here.

Suitable now, I’m in the middle of an additional job search and possible move. And FOMO is proper there in my thoughts with all sorts of greener-grass-on-the-other-side promises. But Scripture tends to make it clear that satisfaction and joy are not discovered only in the new and thrilling. These points can be discovered proper exactly where we are.

Are there locations in your life exactly where you really feel like you are providing in to FOMO? Do you catch oneself questioning if you are missing out? Take a moment to ask oneself why. What are you seriously searching for? Is this one thing that only God-provided satisfaction can fulfill?

I’ve discovered that a single large step in assisting overcome FOMO is just recognizing it. As two Corinthians 10:five says, take these thoughts captive. They are not correct, they’re not from God, and they do not belong. In the space FOMO occupied in our minds, pour in Scripture. For me, Psalm 16 continues to show a strong, all-encompassing vision of godly satisfaction that I frequently return to.

Undoubtedly, there are instances when the Lord leads us to new locations and possibilities. But there are also moments exactly where he calls us to remain and seek his goodness, peace, and satisfaction proper exactly where we are. Certainly, we have a delightful inheritance! 


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