The God Who Comforts | Devotional by Charles Stanley



Study: two Corinthians 1:three-7

Appear up comfort in a dictionary and you will discover a definition like “something that promotes a state of ease or supplies freedom from discomfort and anxiousness.” But according to God’s Word, when consolation is necessary, the only correct answer is the indwelling Holy Spirit. In Greek, He is referred to as parakletos, which indicates “he who stands at one’s side he who comes to one’s help.” Believers do not have to rely on outward treatments or distractions to ease their thoughts, due to the fact support is obtainable from the ultimate Comforter.

Even prior to the Holy Spirit was sent to indwell believers (John 14:26 Ephesians three:16), Scripture identified God as the a single who comforts His people  (Isaiah 40:1 Isaiah. 49:13). The Lord personally supplies consolation and reassurance due to the fact no a single knows our hurts the way He does.

I like this anonymous quotation:

When we have gone into the furnace of affliction, His hand is on the thermostat and His eye is on the clock.”

God enables hardship, and as a outcome, we come to be stronger believers, wiser servants, and far more humble people today. But He stays by our side via the complete encounter, sustaining us and limiting the intensity and duration of our distress. The Spirit’s reassuring whisper to our heart provides far more comfort than the solace of loved ones or the encouragement of close friends.

Persons who fail to comprehend the correct supply of comfort attempt to escape their discomfort. They seek out pleasures, material wealth, or drugs and alcohol to soothe them. Only God can give lasting relief from the crushing stress of heartache. He even brings joy into periods of mourning.

By Dr. Charles Stanley
Applied by Permission

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