This is an additional excerpt from my new book, Cleansing The Temple, Restoring The Glory. It is a prophetic and present hour word for the Church now. Pre-orders will be provided quickly.  

The cause there’s no glory in the contemporary Church has absolutely nothing to do with larger and much more desirable buildings, the appeal of outward look, the colour effects, the decorative staging, the fancy lights, the cool bands, or the skinny jeans, huge screens, and fog machines. Nor does it have to do with the sort of music or worship style we have. Nor does it have to do with irrespective of whether you meet in a house, a creating, or an additional venue, or what ever element of the city or town. Neither has it something to do with compensation and lack of monetary sources or irrespective of whether you have paid employees or volunteer aid.

The glory has departed simply because we have sinned. Our ministry leaders have sinned.

It was simply because of the sins in the priesthood that the glory departed from Israel in the days of Eli and his two wicked sons (1 Sam. four:22). In reality, Hophni and Phinehas, the sons of Eli, didn’t even know the Lord, and they had been priests (1 Sam. two:12). I discover that there are numerous in the ministry now that do not know the Lord. I do not necessarily imply that they are not born once again. I do not imply that they are not engaged in the function of God, but they are carnal and motivated by pride and recognition. What I imply is that they do not genuinely know the heart and the methods of the Lord.

Hophni and Phinehas had no passion for the presence and glory of God, had been not bold and valiant for the truth, had no adore or consideration for individuals, and no honor and respect for the holy factors of God. They had been in the ministry for themselves, immoral males who sought only to satisfy their carnal appetites. They also mishandled and demanded offerings from the individuals (1 Sam. two:16-17), which is so prevalent now.

God blamed Eli for the wickedness and corruption of the priesthood. Not only that, but the iniquity of his residence was so excellent that God stated it could not be atoned by sacrifice or providing forever (1 Sam. three:13-14). Consider about that. God rebuked Eli for honoring his sons much more than he honored the Lord — by enabling his sons to be fattened with the offerings of God’s individuals (1 Sam. two:29). Eli knew the evil dealings of his sons but refused to judge the predicament and the reality that they produced God’s individuals to transgress (1 Sam. two:22-25). We are possessing equivalent difficulties now, when no judgment is ever produced on sinning ministers and sinning “saints.” There are hardly any constraints, restrictions, accountability, and no enforced disciplines for these who practice sin. A minister falls into adultery, and the subsequent week or month, he’s back in the pulpit preaching. How sad.

Exactly where is the glory of God now? Why has it departed? One particular huge cause is that we refuse to judge the correct situation of the Church and the physique of Christ. We basically do the opposite and hold up our thou-shalt-not-judge card when we address sin and judge wrongdoing.


The truth is that such a excellent percentage of Christian ministry now is characterized by jealousy, envy, play-acting, self-advertising, self-justifying, and self-focused behavior — all of which are hidden beneath 101 very choreographed religious cloaks.

Churches are filled with ministries who are wonderfully educated to execute “the liturgical functions” but who are sadly lacking in correct spiritual maturity. And our assemblies are consequently complete of professing believers who have no eye to discern and differentiate in between correct spiritual maturity and preserving a disciplined outward look.

In this “Quid pro Quo,” “I’ll scratch your back — you scratch mine,” “I’ll market your preeminence — you market mine,” “good-ole-boys club” technique, churches and ministries function with each other really diligently to retain God’s individuals from seeing the tiny males behind the curtains. We want to draw open the veil revealing that which numerous ministers and pastors know about 1 an additional and function so earnestly to retain the public from seeing. We have a soulish, carnal ministry cleverly cloaked more than by a multitude of religious fig-leaves.

The true maturing of the saints (Ephesians four:11-12) has been abandoned extended ago by numerous and replaced by the drive to expand our ministerial piece of the pie with a guild of salaried experts.

As the following author so succinctly says it: we will have to quit safeguarding our personal projects.

“As we turn to the evangelical leadership of this nation in the final decades, unhappily, we will have to come to the conclusion that generally it has not been significantly aid. It has shown the mark of a platonic, overly spiritualized Christianity all as well generally. Spirituality to the evangelical leadership generally has not incorporated the Lordship of Christ more than the entire spectrum of life. Spirituality has generally been shut up to a really narrow location. And also really generally, amongst numerous evangelicals, such as numerous evangelical leaders, it appears that the final finish is to guard their personal projects. I am once again asking the query, ‘Why have we let ourselves go so far down the road?’” — Francis Schaeffer, A Christian Manifesto

How can the church be delivered from additional generations of soul dominance and energized flesh? Only by walking straight into the vibrant spotlight of the Holy Spirit, as an alternative of preserving a strategic enterprise-as-usual distance from it.

This new book will serve as a plumb line to aid restore the glory of God to the Church now. Purity, prayer, and energy is the pathway to restoring the glory. Cleansing and consecration is the doorway into it. 


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