The efficacy of ritual – Curious Christian


Interacting with Pagans prompts me on occasion to take into consideration the function and efficacy of ritual. I am not totally comfy with Catholics sacramentalism but I’m also seeing limitations with the way Protestants speak of “ordinances” and wonder if we’ve occasionally tossed the infant out with the bathwater. If we see mental assent as enough for salvation we’re becoming awfully dualistic. Shouldn’t we be approaching it much more holistically? I am starting to wonder if preaching the gospel, praising God, breaking bread with each other, gathering with each other, and baptising 1 an additional ought to not all be deemed “expressions of faith”, and as such, “means of grace”. It is not that God can not confer grace by means of other signifies, it is just that it pleases God to often act by means of these signifies. I am not at all comfy with the way that the sinner’s prayer and/or altar contact look to have gazumped baptism in several baptist churches. Anything is seriously incorrect with that image. When I assume of baptism as a kinaesthetic expression of faith it sort of tends to make much more sense for me although. Baptism is not a perform or the law, it is an act of present reception.


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