The Couch to 5K Model of Christian Discipleship


The Couch to 5K Model of Christian Discipleship

If you are not a runner you likely couldn’t wake up tomorrow and run five kilometres without stopping. You likely couldn’t run for five minutes! Most people today want to function up to a target of this size, creating fitness and stamina more than time till the not possible becomes probable.

I wasn’t a runner (and I nevertheless wouldn’t describe myself as a single!) but I learnt to run this way applying the Couch to 5k app. 3 instances a week I would stroll and run in alternating blocks. In the starting, I did extra walking than operating. But more than time I was operating extra and walking much less till I was operating for 30 minutes devoid of stopping and for a total of five kilometres!

I’ve noticed that in the Christian life some of the typical sermon and Bible study applications can sound a lot like the get in touch with to just “go out and run five kilometres.” For instance:

– “Share the gospel”, or
– “Bring a buddy to church.”

Yes, some people today can do these issues quickly but several come across them as daunting as a 5km run. And everytime they are exhorted to do these issues they can really feel each guilty and discouraged.

Sidenote: A single of the troubles right here is our preference to encourage people today with the “what” but not equip them with the “how”. But I’ll leave that for a different day.

Now I want to recommend an option. As an alternative of asking people today to run for 30 minutes the initially time they place on their operating footwear, get them moving in just 30-second intervals. Most people today can run for 30 seconds at a time and every time they do, fitness, stamina and self-confidence develop.

What does this appear like in the church? It suggests identifying regions to develop, then setting smaller sized objectives that are difficult but also achievable.

For instance:

  • Hospitality. Have you in no way had a different household more than for a meal? Invite a single household to lunch subsequent month.
  • Evangelism. Do you struggle to speak about your faith? Ask a single mum at college dropoff if she has a faith background.
  • Prayer. Do you stay away from church prayer meetings? Attend just a single this year.
  • Generosity. Have you in no way offered financially to church? Commence providing $1 a week.

Every of these is tailored to people and how they want to be pushed. Every of these pushes people today just a small bit out of their comfort zone. Every of these needs commitment and action, but do not sound not possible.

Right here are some other examples:

  1. Knock on a single door.
  2. Pray for a single other particular person when you pray for oneself.
  3. Pray with your wife for five minutes on Friday nights.
  4. Study (or listen to) a single Christian book.
  5. Join a tiny group.
  6. Quickly for a single meal.
  7. Say hello to an individual you haven’t met prior to at church.
  8. Arrive at church on time.
  9. Serve in a (new) ministry.
  10. Memorise a single Bible verse.

What do you feel about the Couch to 5K model of Christian discipleship? What other examples of tiny actions can you recommend?


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