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I’m Chris Neal.  I’ve been a follower of Christ for 42 years but was only born once more in December 1991.  I try to remember it properly, I created a selection and it was like jumping out of an aeroplane and trusting that the arms of my loving Saviour would catch me, or at least support me stay away from a fatal landing!

Jesus is great is not He? VERY Fantastic!  He ought to be, to place up with me!

About 12 years ago, God showed me that the day I gave my life to Jesus, I stepped onto a battlefield. A spiritual battlefield, but I didn’t know something about the spiritual war involving great and evil.  Oh I’d watched lots of cowboy films when I was a kid, and at a single point I was quite significantly addicted to ‘Doctor Who’ and to films like Star Wars and Return of the Jedi, but I believed all that stuff about ‘spiritual warfare’ was just fiction. I believed I could go out and do ‘mighty stuff’ for God devoid of any preparation or prayer cover, but my great intentions ended in disaster and an unexpected divorce.  My planet and my life came crashing down about me.

But God is great.  He showed me the error of my spiritual and human techniques.  I found the truth of spiritual warfare and the adverse effects of sin on my life and the lives of other individuals.  God then showed me He was starting a function in me that would take an additional 12 years to bring to fruition.  With some men and women, God can function straight away with other individuals – doubters or stubborn guys like I was – He graciously goes at a significantly slower speed.  But I was in great enterprise Moses had to wait 40 years prior to God could use him to lead His men and women out of slavery in Egypt, towards the Promised Land.

It is excellent is not it how God just appears to know there is a speed each and every of us can go at and a speed at which He has to operate in order for us to retain up.  I’m slow in that division, and He knew it.

I knew He was telling me there was anything He wanted me to do, but I didn’t think I was capable, let alone that God would opt for me to do a job for Him.

Anyway, in case you, like me, have a quick concentration span and are in danger of falling asleep at this point, I’ll reduce to the chase!

God has spent these years displaying me that several of His guys are struggling with all manner of baggage and sin, and are laden down by life, or have turn into apathetic, or no longer think that God has a goal for their lives and that he can possibly use them.

He reminded me that the excellent commission in Matthew 28 v 16-20 was not so significantly about evangelism but about discipleship (teaching), while we initially must evangeliseto bring guys in, and then stick to this up by discipling guys into ideal living.

We all will need brothers in Christ to support us cease compromising the truth, and inform us plainly how it is. Men will need to recognize that significantly of what the planet thinks is cool is not cool at all it is in reality evil and ungodly.

God showed me that several guys have nowhere to go to talk about stuff that is troubling them, and also no-a single with whom they can share about items that they are caught up in, or secretly addicted to.

Due to the fact of this, He inspired me, a bloke that failed his English ‘O’ level exam, to create a book to support guys recognize that God loves them, that He has a strategy for their life (an remarkable strategy far additional remarkable than any person could consider), and if they are up for it, He will release them into that ministry.  BUT…

Yes, there is a but!  First of all, He demands to wash them down, clean them up, and purify them in ‘the refiner’s fire’.  That may perhaps take time, and will most undoubtedly be painful. But the rewards are amazing!

If you are up for it, you could come across my book useful.  It’s known as ‘The Christian Book for Males – Biblical Options to the Battles Facing Men’.  CVM’s Michael Cooper kindly wrote the book’s foreword.

The paperback version is offered straight from me ( or from Amazon, each as a kindle and paperback.

God bless you as you step out for Him!

Chris Nealon the attractive Isle of Wight.


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