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I’m a preacher’s kid—not just some preacher from some church on some corner someplace, but a preacher and church that is actually identified about the globe. And when I was a wee a single, I had a knack for creating confident other persons knew it. My life-extended childhood mates inform me that anytime I wanted to assert some kind of authority or handle, I was swift to remind them who my dad was. (How obnoxious of me. I’m shocked I nevertheless have any mates at all soon after these annoying young years.)

And although I’d like to feel I’ve been humbled these decades later, I know what it signifies to type one’s identity and significance from information on a bio sketch. I’ve constantly identified that a large aspect of who I am comes from my deep legacy of household and faith, and I’m sincerely grateful for it. But the temptation for me now could very easily be to think about myself covered, to feel I can constantly ride in air-conditioned comfort underneath the constructed-in structure of reputation an connections.

And however the story God is writing with my life—the mark He desires me to make on this generation and the next—cannot be primarily based solely on details identified on my birth certificate or my lifelong membership status in the church exactly where my father serves. The persons I really like are carrying out the operate God has assigned to them—and carrying out it with terrific humility and faithfulness, generating harvest soon after harvest of spiritual fruit. But my mark should be mine. Constructed on the previous but also uniquely my personal in the present and future.

leaveamarkPossibly you can relate to that. You have been attempting to stake your claim to significance on a list of accomplishments and attributes boasted on your résumé, a docket of background information and figures—who you are, exactly where you are from, what you do for a living, the results you have been getting, the household you have been raising. These are all superior points. Blessings worth celebrating. But if you force these line products of life to bear the weight of your private worth, you will be rudely disappointed at several points along the way. They are not constructed to carry that load. Stray bullet points do not ascribe worth and significance to us all by themselves.

Possibly, on the other hand, your challenge is not with an overinflated sense of entitlement but rather a history of shame and sensitivity to what your background details includes. Possibly, like me in particular seasons of life, you are not proud of the persons you have related with or the areas you have been. Possibly you have not accomplished as significantly as you’d like or at the level of these about you. From exactly where you sit nowadays, you do not see how your life could inform any other story than that of failure, lost possibilities, and the bitter final results of not acquiring the breaks.

Or possibly you just really feel ordinary. With a Jonah-like résumé. Uneventful. Type of like the way I delight in my yogurt . . . plain vanilla without the need of any of the crunchy, colorful toppings. No enormous successes. No enormous flame-outs. Just a single typical day soon after an additional, with not significantly to inform on the other side.

But none of this definitely matters in the extended run. Thank God, it neither exempts you nor disqualifies you from obtaining true significance the only way it can be found—by yielding, submitting, and totally surrendering to God’s purposes. It is the identical for everyone. Comprehensive satisfaction and results in life can not be reached apart from your deliberate choice to engage in the divine intervention and surrender to His sovereign plans for you, what ever He chooses these plans to be.

Mainly because, see, we’re not right here to inform our story. We’re right here to inform God’s story. And none of us are also superior, also cultured, also Christianized, or also impressive for Him to thread any plotline He desires by means of our lives, even if that plotline has a location like Nineveh in it. God maintains just as significantly proper to throw curves into my life as He does into anyone else’s, no matter who my parents are or what church I go to. By the identical token, none of us are also weak, also disadvantaged, also invisible, or also unimportant for Him to speak a thing of terrific, eternal worth by means of our experiences. Neither our legacy nor the lack thereof determines our self-worth and significance. It is God’s calling and our willingness to obey. That is it.

Excerpts taken from Life Interrupted by Priscilla Shirer. ©2011 B&ampH Publishing Group. Made use of by permission. 


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