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We reside in a busy planet that tends to make you really feel irresponsible if you take a day off to rest. Our function week has consumed Sundays to make the non-cease promoting of goods extra crucial than what is basically “good” for us. Try to remember when we had been younger and we had been exploding with power, that as we have grown older we frequently reflect on fondly, questioning exactly where that power went. It is no coincidence that as a kid we got adequate rest, we had parents that created positive of it. Now as we have grown older, we frequently neglect this pretty crucial element of our life. We need to have extra rest.

And but, we march on like we can just retain on continuing to burn our candles from each ends and escape the eventual repercussions. God especially left us a day of rest, not for him, for us. Your rest is crucial, and God is the final authority to seek on if it is “OK” to take a day off. It is extra than OK – it is crucial.

We reside in a planet that by no means sleeps, anything and every person is busy. We go to sleep with a telephone on our nightstand, that even though we sleep, keeps our thoughts busy. We watch Television or study till we fall asleep also, stimulating our minds each and every waking hour of each and every single day. Our lives center about our function, what ever that might be, the pursuit of monetary safety frequently tops our list. This pursuit can come at the expense of our well being due to the fact God told us that we most assuredly need to have a day of rest.

Does the day of rest then grow to be an act of faith? That you can honestly say, inwardly that your finances are in God’s hands, not your personal. That God by no means goes back on his word, and it especially says that we had been created to need to have a day of rest. You can trust Him, if you are obedient, he will take care of your monetary demands. We see numerous folks with sicknesses and illnesses associated straight to pressure. We attempt to blame our diets for this but I believe we need to have to appear at the advantage of rest. Our rest is crucial and demands to be taken seriously. We should understand that God didn’t develop it as a sidenote or an afterthought to creation – it is an crucial element of God’s divine program. Rest is some thing we need to have to do – weekly. An whole day to do practically nothing but loosen up and take pleasure in our life.

Do you get adequate rest? If not, why? Do you really feel like becoming disobedient to this request of God rewards you or impacts you adversely? Can you trust God to take care of you if you obey Him? Are there items that retain you busy and separated from a day of rest that you could sacrifice to be extra obedient in this region?

Dear Lord,

Rearrange my schedule and support me to have a accurate day of rest. Permit my physique to heal from the pressure that I frequently overload it with. Let my nervous technique heal from the overstimulation I frequently expose it to. Lord, support me to have a quiet day every week in which I can meditate on your Word and take pleasure in the basic pleasure of a pressure-absolutely free day. Let me create a new attitude that locations a day of rest at the forefront of my priorities. Lord, get rid of any guilt I really feel about undertaking what you have told me to do. Support me study to rest my physique, soul, and thoughts so that I can be a healthful and productive kid of God. Thank you, Lord, for reminding me every day that you care for me and have set up a technique to retain me healthful and properly. Thank you, Jesus, for all you do.

In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

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Published by Tamara Lee

I am a Licensed &amp Ordained Minister in the State of West Virginia. I have a calling a passion to finish the suffering of these that reside with really serious mental illnesses in the United States. God has named me to set the captives absolutely free.


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