Straightforward measures to cease procrastinating in your devotional time


So far in this series, we have established that procrastination of your devotion time is a massive trouble. We have also delved into some of the popular causes why we procrastinate. In this section, we get additional sensible by discussing some action measures that can assist you to cease procrastinating.

Concentrate on your “why.”

The initial step in stopping procrastinating your devotions is understanding why you are undertaking the devotions in the initial location. You have to cease and ask your self, why are you undertaking the devotions anyway? The following are some of the key causes why undertaking a frequent devotion is excellent for you:

Workout the soul – devotions are comparable to physical workout. We function out in order to market our well being and wellbeing as nicely as make our endurance. Workout also aids us to shed off unnecessary weight. In the identical way, devotions will assist in maintaining our spirits healthful. They also assist us to deal with habitual sins and normally strengthen or spirits. (1 Corinthians 9:24 Romans 15:four). Likewise, devotion time like function out time should be intentional, you can just stroll about the health club searching at the gear and count on to be match.

Profitable living – the additional we soak in the word on a everyday basis, the additional knowledgeable we turn out to be in the word. Hosea warns that we perish for lack of this understanding. When we devote time in His word, we get to glean up the wisdom in the scriptures and then we can apply it in our lives for profitable living (Proverbs 23:12 Psalm 119:11 97).

Like cultivation – when a couple falls in really like, the hormones are commonly raging, but more than time they have to maintain cultivating the really like they have and as they do this, they develop to really like each and every other even additional. If they neglect to do so, nevertheless, their marriage will be in turmoil. Devotions are our way of cultivating the really like we have for God. The additional we neglect it, the much less we expertise his really like on a day to day basis.

Unity – you could have noticed the wall hanging that says, “a loved ones that prays with each other stays together” How accurate! The contemporary day loved ones is fragmented due to the distinctive interests and tastes and also thanks to technologies. Obtaining a frequent devotion as a loved ones is one particular way of making certain the loved ones is united and as the Psalmist says, when” brethren dwell with each other in unity, God will command a blessing.” Psalms 133.

There are a lot of additional causes that we could add to the list but the bottom line is that devotions are quite useful to the Christian. You can’t afford to whip by way of them or permit them to be crowded out of your schedule by other factors.

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Scheduling your devotions

As we have currently pointed out, what ever gets scheduled gets accomplished. following you have understood why it is crucial to do your devotions, the subsequent step is to schedule them. Scheduling signifies that you adequately program when, exactly where and for how extended you will be undertaking your everyday devotions. There are a couple of crucial measures that you require to observe as you schedule your devotion

Calendar – appear at your devotions the identical way you do dates. Schedule them in your calendar and stick to it no matter what. It is ideal to schedule the devotions early in the morning or late at evening (for the evening owls&#x263a ) simply because this is the time when there are fewer distractions from pals and loved ones.

Be realistic – if you are currently possessing problems with your devotions, it is unrealistic to count on that you will all of a sudden get started spending three hours in the word of God each and every day. A realistic method would be to get started by committing 15 minutes each and every day and then steadily escalating the time as days go by.

Steps to take to stop procrastinating - jtdyer.comAccountability companion – no man is an island. It will be useful to have an accountability companion whom you can develop with. If you reside with each other (e.g. spouse or roommate) then you can go over your everyday progress ahead of going to bed or more than breakfast. If your accountability companion lives in a distinctive location, you can meet on a weekly basis to evaluation each and every other’s progress. You could also leverage technologies by posting your everyday devotional notes on a weblog, YouTube or through a podcast such as I do.

Discover a technique that functions for you – there is no one particular-size-fits-all devotion. You have to discover one particular that fits you and stick to it. For instance, do you choose making use of a devotional booklet? And how do you choose structuring your devotions? For instance, some persons discover it less difficult to pray or study the word following listening to some worship music. Other folks choose taking a stroll in nature. It is crucial to understand that what functions for your neighbour could not function for you so just determine a strategy that functions and stick to it.

Deal with distractions – Take measures to deal with any distractions that could interfere with your devotion ahead of you commence. Mobile phones are the most notorious interrupters in today’s word so you can either switch it off or place in on airplane mode. That way, you can nonetheless use your Bible app devoid of possessing to deal with the push notifications from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. some persons think that playing the radio in the background aids in building a reverent mood but for some it really does additional harm than excellent. It is not possible for your thoughts to concentrate 100% on two factors at the identical time.

set goals - jtdyer.comFunction with ambitions and deadlines – there is absolutely nothing as unproductive as attempting to study devoid of setting measurable ambitions and deadlines. For instance, you can state, “this week, I want to finish reading the book of Matthew by reading x chapters per day.”

Supporting supplies – assume about any supplies and tools that you could require beforehand and collect them prior to commencing your Bible reading. For instance, will you require your Bible markers? Do you have a notebook to jot down notes? Will you be undertaking a cross-reference in this study? Assembling all the tools you require beforehand aids you to remain focused after you commence your study alternatively of operating up and down each and every minute to get some thing you just remembered you require.

Consume healthily and function out frequently – one particular explanation we really feel as well tired to do our devotion is our undesirable life a rule of thumb, maintain away from sugary drinks or junk meals simply because these can make your blood sugar to jump like crazy thereby affecting your efficiency and concentration. Fish, nuts, berries and entire grains are some excellent examples of foods to consume. In addition to this, attempt to do your function out ahead of you do the study. The workout will assist your physique to be alert which will assist you to grasp additional in your Bible study.

Drop the perfectionism – final but not least, you should drop any perfectionism. For instance, even if you have stated that you should study 4 chapters per day and finish up spending as well a great deal time on the initial chapter as you do an in-depth study on it, do not really feel the stress of reading all 4. The target of the devotion is not to be a fantastic reader of the Bible but rather to take pleasure in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.


Instance of devotion time schedule

  1. Start out with a prayer – Ask God to speak to you as you study his Word
  2. If you like, sing or listen to a worship Song
  3. Study a passage of Scripture –
  4. Mediate on what you have just study – Ask some inquiries about it
  5. Create down some reflections –
  6. Pray once more asking God to assist you apply what you have discovered.
  7. Give thanks to God for his goodness and answered prayers
  8. Pray for other people or scenarios

Subsequent Week

In the subsequent week short article, we will appear at journaling and how it can assist you to overcome procrastination in your devotional time.

Alternatively, you can download the entire guide now.


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