Son of God?


1 John four:9  &#8220God’s enjoy was revealed amongst us in this way: God sent His A single and Only Son into the globe so that we could possibly live through Him.&#8221

As Christians we generally speak about Jesus getting the &#8220Son of God&#8221 but I don&#8217t assume that we do a excellent job of assisting other people realize what this signifies, in reality, I have recognized quite a few Christians who struggle to articulate what it signifies that Jesus is the &#8220Son of God&#8221.  For this explanation, I want to take a moment and clarify this idea in order to add a layer of depth to our faith.  I will do so extremely rapidly so as not to complicate an currently mysterious subject.

The brief and sweet of it is this:  The phrase &#8220Son of God&#8221 or &#8220God&#8217s A single and Only Son&#8221 is not referring to Jesus getting a kid of God as a outcome of his sexual interaction with a spiritual female in heaven.  It is essential to know that our Mormon mates think this to be case, which is unique from Evangelical Christianity and its belief that Jesus Christ is absolutely equal with the Father and that they have generally existed collectively as A single.    The truth is that it signifies Jesus is the best mirror reflection of God the Father.  When we see Jesus we see God the Father and we see the Holy Spirit.  This is the partnership that is described.  The verse that does the finest job in clarifying the subject is this:

Hebrews 1:three &#8220The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the precise expression of His nature, sustaining all things by His powerful word. After making purification for sins, He sat down at the suitable hand of the Majesty on high.

When you study the Gospel of John it becomes extremely evident that the Jews, who stated that they believed in God the Father, definitely did not think in the A single correct God for the reason that they did not think that Jesus was equal with Him.  When they saw Jesus they did not see God they saw only a man (The Son of Man).  But these who think in the A single correct God see the Father when they see Jesus.

We see the conflict in John 10:31-33, which reads:

Once again the Jews picked up rocks to stone Him. Jesus replied, “I have shown you quite a few excellent works from the Father. Which of these operates are you stoning Me for?” “We are not stoning You for a excellent perform,” the Jews answered, “but for blasphemy, for the reason that You—being a man—make Your self God.”

What they refused to think was that they have been hunting at the image of Father God when they looked upon the particular person of Jesus of Christ.  It would have been OK for Jesus to claim to be a prophet, or even a best human getting possibly, but not God in Flesh.


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