Snow Piles Revisited



As I was shoveling out my driveway this afternoon I was reminded a piece I had written in 2014. Be encouraged and hold moving forward.

I am a persons watcher. I’d a lot rather go to the mall to sit and watch persons than fight my way by means of retailer sales racks. These days, throughout lunch I decided to swing by means of the drive by means of and come across a spot exactly where I could sit in my automobile, appreciate my lunch and just watch persons.

Though wrapping up my chicken sandwich and preparing to tackle my chili with hot sauce, I noticed these enormous piles of snow that had been deposited all across the parking lot. With all of the snow that we’ve had in the location, snow plows have no exactly where to go with the snow other than to mound it up in enormous piles all across the parking lots. It really is like somebody deposited tiny white mountains all more than the city.

What is intriguing to me about these piles of snow is that they appear to final forever. Even with the slow onset of warmer climate, these piles of snow appear to be unaffected. They take completely forever to melt largely for the reason that they hold themselves cold. There is so a lot snow piled on leading of other snow that the inner core of that pile remains beneath freezing extended just after the surrounding temperature has risen.

These piles of snow reminded me of the danger that you and I run. We have a way of surrounding ourselves with persons that hold us “beneath freezing” for as extended as probable.

If we have a tendency to be pessimistic, we surround ourselves with other folks who are also pessimistic.
If we have a tendency to be a gossip, we surround ourselves with other gossips.
If we are adverse and whiny persons, then that is who we gravitate towards.

The Bible offers us some quite clear instruction on this concept in&nbspProverbs 13:20&nbspwhen it says, “Stroll with the sensible and turn into sensible&nbspassociate with fools and get in problems.”&nbspand&nbsp1 Corinthians 15:33&nbspwhere it says, “Don&rsquot be fooled by these who say such factors, for &ldquobad firm corrupts fantastic character.&rdquo

What if, in an work to seriously honor God with our lives we “unpiled” ourselves from these that had been maintaining us wrapped up in sin. If we come across ourselves in a pile of negativity, gossip or what ever, let’s pick out to spread ourselves out and let the Son melt us down.


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