Six Hours A single Friday On line Bible Study Week 4 — Your Death Is Not Final


Anchor Point three: My Death Is Not Final

O death, exactly where is thy sting? O grave, exactly where is thy victory? — 1 Corinthians 14:55

Do not cry? Do not cry? What sort of request is that?.. It is a request only God can make. ~ Max Lucado

Welcome back to a different week of the Six Hours A single Friday On line Bible Study with our buddy and leader, Pastor Max Lucado! We’re so glad you are nonetheless with us! This week we’re studying Jesus’ encounter with a funeral procession, when He raised from the dead the widow’s son in the village of Nain.

Thanatophobia [noun]
: worry of death

It is as inevitable as taxes. Death is coming for us all. For some, it is virtually a non-concern, not even believed about. For some it is a complete-blown phobia.

However, Jesus had the chutzpah to say the most shocking and ludicrous point: Do not cry. Death is not final.

If you have ever been rocked by the death of a loved 1, you know how incendiary that statement is. When a loved 1 dies and you are left reeling at that reality — that finality —heartbroken and assaulted by the rank cruelty of death, calling family members and good friends to let them know, possessing to leave the hospital without the need of them, going household to face such shockingly odd tasks the subsequent day — tasks such as going by way of insurance coverage paperwork, returning the coroner’s get in touch with and signing legal documents, selecting out a plot and a casket or an urn, and getting sort guests with armfuls of meals and flowers they set down to wrap their arms complete of you. It is strange and emotional and surreal and overwhelming. Then when you hear the door open, for a second you neglect. But, the 1 you like does not stroll in possessing just gotten back from the fitness center with wet hair and a smile. You choose up the telephone ahead of you understand you can not get in touch with them. For the reason that they’re gone. Forever. They’ll by no means laugh at a silly birthday card once more or tear up more than the birth of a new family members member. They will not be there for the weddings and the reunions. They’re not right here any longer.

And yet…

Jesus looked into the eyes of the widow and stated “Don’t cry…”

I’m confident she currently cried 5 thousand tears that day, but His remark to her wasn’t a chastisement or a glib “you’ll be fine soon” condolence. He was creating a prelude to a proclamation. Death… you are accomplished right here!

Performed for that young man and accomplished for us! Jesus says our reality is LIFE. Yes, we will all lay down our bodies someday. Irrespective of whether we are prepared or not. Death appears to win for a season right here on earth, but not eventually! Jesus came to bring us life so that when our human, imperfect, physical bodies no longer serve our requires, when we’re accomplished with our jobs right here on earth, we get to step into Heaven with glorious, new bodies that shine like the sun. (Philippians three:20-21, Matthew 13:43, Daniel 12:three)

And, due to the fact of the hope of Heaven, the glory to come, the joy of eternity in a spot filled with His like, a lot more best than Eden, with all the believers who have gone there ahead of us (Hebrews 12:1), face-to-Face with our King Jesus (Revelation 22:four), we can obtain His spectacular, compassionate “Don’t cry” and sing…

It is effectively with my soul.

Scriptures This Week

Luke 7:11-17

Prayer for the Week

Jesus, Thank You for the guarantee of Heaven. Thank You that You came to wipe away each and every tear, to eradicate grief and hopelessness, to conquer death and take away its sting. We can not wait to see you face-to-Face! Amen and amen!


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