Single for Valentine’s Day…How to make the most of it


No matter whether you not too long ago had a break-up or have been single for sometime now, the believed of facing Valentine’s Day solo might be bringing up feelings of sadness and dread. If so take heart, you are not alone. With much more than 115 million singles 18 years and older in America according to the US Census Bureau, you are a element of a quite substantial crowd of men and women facing Valentine’s Day alone.

Just mainly because you do not have a substantial other to share the day, does not imply you cannot nevertheless appreciate on your self and other folks. 

Right here are a handful of tips on how to make the most of Valentine’s Day this year:

Be reminded of God’s good appreciate for you

Though it is all-natural to crave or need romantic appreciate, it is only a single variety of appreciate. Appreciate exists in your life right now and each and every day. In truth, the Word of God tells us that God loves us with an everlasting appreciate. Invest some time reviewing passages of scripture that reminds you of just how considerably God loves you. You may possibly also think about buying a new devotional or journal to assist you create out passages of scripture that focuses on God’s appreciate. Take into account reading a book like 66 Techniques God Loves You by Jennifer Rothschild. 


Treat your self

Who says you have to wait for a person else to buy chocolate for you? Be empowered my pal! Do not be afraid to give your self a modest treat irrespective of whether that is chocolate, flowers, a massage, or a dinner out.  

More Self-LoveProgram a get-with each other

Probabilities are you know a further single pal. Rather than waiting for a person to ask you out, extend an invitation to other folks. It could be an evening out buying, day in watching Netflix and chomping on popcorn or a particular Galentine‘s occasion. 

Locate ideas for hosting your personal Galentine’s Day occasion right here.

Be a blessing to other folks

You have almost certainly been the recipient of a random act of kindness in your lifetime. Consider back to an instance in which a person has helped you out of a difficult predicament when they could see you have been obtaining difficulty or when a pal basically paid you a compliment out of the blue. Or a time you received an unexpected card in the mail. (Appreciate these adorable scripture cards you can mail to encourage a pal or household member.)  A sweet surprise like this can seriously make a distinction. Valentine’s Day is a good chance to intentionally appreciate these in front of you. 

You have love to give

Did you also know such experiences can also be great for your overall health and all round nicely-getting? It is correct. A random act of kindness can be a great deed, a caring word, selfless act or modest present. Even a smile can brighten someone’s day.

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Your Turn

What’s your favored way to commit Valentine’s Day when you are in-in between relationships?


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